Olivia Tyree Identified As Preschool Employee Accused of Forcibly Throwing, Striking Child With Croc-style Shoe

In Vero Beach, a preschool worker has been accused of throwing a child forcefully and hitting them with a Croc-style shoe.

At approximately 12:30 p.m. on May 15th, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office (IRCSO) investigators were present at 1285 6th Avenue’s World Class Academy to investigate an alleged child abuse case involving one of the employees. The incident was reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

According to a witness at the school, Olivia Tyree, aged 25, allegedly lifted her shoe while facing the child, giving the impression that she was about to strike them. However, the witness did not observe Tyree actually hitting the child. The incident was reported to the authorities.

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According to the investigator, the director of the facility was interviewed and claimed to have no knowledge of the abuse allegations. The director reportedly informed both the investigator and the DCF worker that no report had been made. Investigators were granted access to video footage inside the classroom by the director.

According to the arrest report, the investigator details a video which shows Tyree entering a classroom that did not belong to her on May 12th. Pointing her shoe first at one student, and then at the child in question, she proceeded with her actions.

According to the investigator, the woman advanced towards the child in an aggressive manner, without paying any heed. As Tyree approached, the child instinctively shielded their face and flinched upon making eye contact. According to eyewitnesses, Tyree lifted her shoe and pulled back as if she were about to hammer a nail. She then brought her foot down with full force, striking the child on the top of the head.

According to the arrest report, Tyree allegedly proceeded to forcefully grab the child by the arm and drag them to the bed for nap time. According to reports, Tyree allegedly approached the bed and proceeded to pick up the child by the arm before tossing them onto the ground in order to make the bed. The child is picked up once more and thrown onto the bed.

According to investigators, Tyree allegedly pushed the child face-first into the bed in a “malicious manner” while the child was sitting on the bed she used. The act was reportedly carried out using her right arm in a stiff arm-like motion, despite the child’s continued crying.

According to investigators, Tyree denied hitting the child with the shoe and claimed that her intention was to simply frighten the child. According to sources, Tyree, who stands at 5’11”, was questioned by investigators regarding the potential for injury if someone were to be struck forcefully over the top of the head. Tyree reportedly confirmed the investigator’s inquiry.

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According to the sheriff’s office, Tyree has been charged with a single count of child abuse. After being transferred to the Indian River County Jail, she was released on a $5,000 bond. However, the court has set a condition that she may not work at any daycare or childcare facility.

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