Rebecca Payne Identified As Suspect in the Murder of Noel Payne; Found Guilty

After two days of deliberation, a 12-person jury at the Mildura Supreme Court found Rebecca Payne, a mother of three, guilty of murder on May 15.

In a tragic incident that occurred in September 2020, a woman known as the ‘Cookie Monster’ reportedly fed her husband, Noel Payne, two biscuits laced with Temazepam at their residence in Walpeup, located in the northwestern region of Victoria. The act resulted in the unfortunate demise of Mr. Payne, who was 68 years old at the time.

The 43-year-old then wrapped his body in a blanket and shoved it into an outdoor freezer, where it was discovered days later by a neighbour. The defendant is now potentially facing a life sentence in prison.

According to several individuals, including her sons, there is a belief that she has already served her sentence by enduring the abuse of her partner and therefore should be set free.

According to her son Jamie, she endured a wretched existence for 14 years with a monstrous individual.

This was reported by the Herald Sun. According to sources, the children are in need of her presence. She is required by the community.

According to sources, she is a necessity for all of us. According to Rebecca’s testimony during her trial, she claimed that Noel had coerced her into relocating to a small hamlet of only 170 residents over 15 years ago, with the intention of cutting her off from her loved ones and acquaintances.

According to her statement, she and another woman with intellectual disabilities were allegedly subjected to severe physical and psychological torture by the man who brought them into his household.

According to Rebecca, Noel allegedly raped her at his discretion, subjected her to physical abuse, and exerted control over her.

According to reports, the woman was allegedly coerced by a cult-like leader to get 18 tattoos of his name all over her body, in an attempt to prevent anyone else from loving her.

He had even gotten her fired from her work at a store in Ouyen, about 20 minutes east of Walpeup since he would frequently sit inside and scare customers who spoke to her. A man who lived down the street from the Payne’s alleged that ‘there’s not a question in the world’ Noel was preparing to murder Rebecca, their two sons who resided there, and the other woman.

She saved at least four people’s lives. The individual expressed uncertainty regarding their ability to fall asleep and awaken the following day. ‘Or whether her boys would go to bed and wake up the next morning,’ the neighbour speculated.

According to her neighbor, John, he agreed with her and stated that the situation was unfair, adding that she was the true victim. The pre-sentencing hearing of Rebecca is set to commence on Monday.

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