The Middle School Suspects Bus Attacker After Seizing The Victim’s Phone Identified

In a recent incident, a 14-year-old was assaulted on a school bus in Prince George’s County. However, the victim refused to disclose the identity of the perpetrator(s) to the police.

According to police, the suspects responsible for the May 1 attack on a middle school student were identified after the victim’s phone was seized.

During a rare open hearing in Prince George’s County District Court, details emerged regarding two juveniles who are facing charges of attempted murder.

According to Judge Cheri Simpkins, both suspects will be held in custody at a specific area of the Prince George’s County Detention Center that provides accommodations for juveniles who have been charged as adults.

According to a source with connections to one suspect’s family, custody at the county’s jail is considered to be a safer option than custody at the state’s juvenile system due to the potential involvement of teenaged gangs.

Three middle-schoolers accused of pushing past a Prince George’s County school bus driver and aide on May 1 in Oxon Hill and attempting to kill another student acted like a hit squad, as seen on camera footage presented in court on Friday. The suspects were among those who appeared in court that day.

According to a detective involved in the case, the video footage depicted a sole masked assailant brandishing a firearm. According to the detective’s testimony, the 9mm semi-automatic pistol experienced multiple jams, potentially preventing the victim from being fatally wounded.

According to the investigator, the victim was held down by accomplices while a teenager pointed a gun at their head and chest.

According to testimony, the victim was beaten by three boys on video who then fled, leaving the bus driver and aide also terrorized.

In a recent court hearing, Judge Simpkins dropped lesser misdemeanor charges pertaining to gun possession. However, she ordered that the most severe attempted murder charges proceed after prosecutors contended that the boys acted “in concert” with each other to execute a premeditated attack.

According to Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy, the case serves as a cautionary tale for both teenagers and parents, as it demonstrates that prosecutors will not hesitate to charge violent teenagers as adults.

According to Braveboy, parents should be aware of their children’s social circle, including their friends and influencers.

According to sources, individuals who are in the company of someone carrying a weapon with the intention to cause harm, will be charged as if they themselves had the weapon, even if they do not possess one. This applies to children as well. According to the speaker, taking this matter seriously is of utmost importance.

According to a statement made by an official in Prince George’s County, there is a strong commitment to prosecute all individuals who commit gun-related offenses in the area.

As per the testimony given on Friday, the perpetrator, who is still at large, is a 15-year-old individual. As of now, the gun remains unrecovered.

The search for the boy is ongoing, according to police.

According to the investigator’s testimony, the victim in the case, who is 14 years old, knew his attackers by name but declined to disclose this information to the police for three days.

According to police, the masked suspects were identified after the victim’s phone was seized. It was discovered that the phone had been used to text the attackers’ names to a contact shortly after the assault.

According to the attorneys representing the two boys currently in custody, they maintain their innocence.

According to the attorneys, the attackers cannot be identified on video due to the masks.

According to sources, the victim’s refusal to identify his assailants has raised doubts about the veracity of his claims.

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