Steven Phillip Identified As Suspect Gunsmith Shot Dead; Involved In Criminal Gang

In the early hours of Saturday, May 20th, 2023, a gunsmith who was reportedly involved with a criminal gang was fatally shot in Petit Valley. The individual’s illegal activities are said to have contributed to their untimely demise.

In January of this year, police discovered a collection of firearms components and ammunition inside the vehicle of Steven Phillip at his residence on Basilon Street in Tunapuna. As a result, Phillip became a wanted individual by law enforcement.

In breaking news, a man identified as Smith was fatally shot earlier this morning at Hummingbird Circular, Sparrow Drive in Petit Valley. Reports indicate that Smith had just stepped out of his vehicle to open the gate to a residence where he was staying when the incident occurred.

A shooting incident has resulted in a fatality, with the victim pronounced dead at the scene. Law enforcement officials from the Western Division and the Region 1 Homicide Bureau of Investigations are currently present at the location, carrying out investigations.

According to sources, Phillip was a highly skilled weapon builder and a prominent figure among criminals, with strong ties to the Sixx gang.

Members of the Inter-Agency Task Force conducted an anti-crime exercise in the Tunapuna Police Station district on Monday, January 16th, 2023.

At approximately 10 pm, law enforcement officials proceeded to the residence of Steven Phillip, a priority offender, situated at Basilon Court in Tunapuna. Their intention was to carry out a search warrant, but upon arrival, it was discovered that Phillip was not present at the location.

In the presence of his mother, a search was conducted at the home and no illegal items were discovered.

Following the receipt of additional information, the officers proceeded to conduct a search on two vehicles, namely a Hyundai Tucson with the registration number PCT 7040 and a Nissan Tiida with the registration number PDG 2333, both of which were parked within the yard.

In the trunk of the Tiida, law enforcement officers discovered a cache of ammunition consisting of 292 rounds of various types. Additionally, they found six rifle magazines, three extended magazines, and one pistol magazine. The officers also discovered six springs, which are components for magazines, and one

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Phillip has been issued warrants following the arrest of three individuals.

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