Jose Vargas Identified As Arrested Suspect in the Murder of Lisette Villasenor

According to authorities, Jose Vargas, a repeat drunk driver, has been charged with murder after a head-on accident that resulted in the death of a mother and critical injuries to her two children.

Last Thursday at approximately 6 p.m., a collision occurred on the US-395 in San Bernardino involving Jose Vargas and Lisette Villasenor. Vargas was driving his Chevrolet Tahoe in the wrong lane when he collided with Villasenor’s Toyota Prius.

In Victorville, 36-year-old Villasenor was behind the wheel with her 12-year-old daughter Ashley and 6-year-old son Daniel as passengers. Daniel was reportedly excited for the last day of auditions for his mother’s cheerleading team, the California Allstars. According to reports, two air ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

Tragically, Villasenor and her children were transported to the hospital, however, the married mother of three succumbed to her injuries. In the latest development, Daniel has been transferred to the intensive care unit, while Ashley sustained moderate injuries.

Vargas emerged unscathed from the incident and was subsequently apprehended while restrained by handcuffs. The District Attorney has decided to charge the suspected killer with murder due to his lengthy criminal record for driving under the influence.

According to sources, Villasenor is survived by her husband, Humberto, and their older son Julian, as well as her daughters Ashley and Daniel.

According to reports, Vargas, a resident of Adelanto, had previously signed two statements acknowledging that he would be charged with murder if he were to cause the death of another person as a result of driving under the influence.

According to sources, the individual in question was reportedly still serving probation for a drunk driving offense that occurred in November. In a heartwarming gesture, Ashley’s cheerleading squad has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family with medical expenses following a life-altering event.

A murder accusation has been made against a ‘drunk driver’ who reportedly killed a cheerleading mother in a crash that occurred in California.

According to a post on Facebook, Lisette, Daniel, and Ashley were on their way to the final day of cheer auditions at Cali Ontario when a drunk driver tragically took Lisette’s life. The incident has deeply affected The California Allstars Ontario and the Villasenor family.

Lisette and Daniel arrived via helicopter, whereas Ashley was transported by ambulance. In a time of need, Ash contacted a trusted cheer mom, Nicole Zambrano, who promptly rushed to the hospital to offer her support.

Concerned about her mother and brother’s lack of activity, Ash reached out to the Cheer sisters. According to reports, Ashley will never again be able to hug her mother. Lisette, a passionate cheer parent who was known for her quiet demeanor, will no longer be cheering alongside Cali-O teams.

Lisette and Daniel arrived via helicopter, whereas Ashley was transported by ambulance. In a time of need, Ash contacted a reliable cheer mom, Nicole Zambrano, who promptly rushed to the hospital to offer support.

According to sources, Ash reached out to the cheer sisters out of concern for her mother and brother who were still asleep. According to reports, Ashley will never be able to hug her mother again. Lisette, a passionate cheer parent, who used to join us in screaming, shouting and applauding for Cali-O teams, will no longer be with us.

According to the district attorney, Vargas had previous convictions for drunk driving in San Bernardino County, Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County. At the time of the May 11 crash, he was on probation for a felony DUI conviction in Orange County.

Following his DUI offenses in San Bernardino in 2019 and the Orange County violation in 2022, he has signed two ‘Watson Advisements’.

According to the signed declarations, Vargas stated that if they were to continue driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, and someone were to be killed as a result of that driving, they could be charged with murder. In 1981, following a California Supreme Court case, the Watson Advisement was established.

According to the statement, individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol can face murder charges even if they did not intend to cause a fatal accident. By signing the advisement after a DUI, the individual acknowledges that driving under the influence is a deliberate action that endangers the lives of others.

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