Dale City Shooting; Four Shot in Dale City Home

Dale City Shooting – Four Shot in Dale City Home

Dale City Shooting: Four people were in Dale City, so authorities are looking into it. A residence in Dale City’s 14700 block of Birchdale Drive is where the shooting took place on Friday in the late afternoon. Police have not yet made an arrest announcement as of approximately 3 p.m.

On May 26, just before 2:30 p.m., Prince William County police responded to reports of a shooting at a residence in the 14700 block of Birchdale Drive.

When they arrived, one individual had been shot outside the house. According to police radio communications, the next three victims were all found to be unconscious.

The Birchdale Drive home where all four victims were shot was the scene. According to police radio transmission, one was shot in the abdomen.

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