Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow Arrested Suspect in The Murder of Model Girlfriend Alona Savchenko

Polish businessman, Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, has been arrested in Thailand following accusations of murdering his Ukrainian model girlfriend with a saw. The suspect reportedly sought assistance in disposing of the victim’s body through Google Translate.

A young couple, Alona Savchenko, 24, and Jan Jerzy Lagoda-Filippow, 25, reportedly checked into the luxurious Key Sathon-Charoenraj condominium building located in the Bang Kho Laem area of Bangkok on April 29. On Friday, security footage captured the couple walking together down a hallway inside the facility while laughing and conversing.

On Monday afternoon, a CCTV footage captured Lagoda-Filippow standing with a suitcase, appearing stern while waiting for an elevator. However, there was no sign of Savchenko in the footage.

According to Viral Press, later that day, cab driver Surachai Sabaibang contacted the building’s management and a security guard. Sabaibang claimed to have been recruited by Lagoda-Filippow. As per the driver’s statement, the Polish national directed him to drive to “any casino.”

According to reports, a 25-year-old individual allegedly used the Google Translate function on his phone to ask a taxi driver to help him dismember his girlfriend’s body in exchange for $44 while they were in the car together.

After dropping off his passenger at a motel in the Sathorn district, the chauffeur contacted the condominium’s administration to report Lagoda-Filippow’s suspicious behavior. According to him, the man seemed to be intoxicated. The employees of an apartment building gained entry to a unit on the 32nd floor and found the body of Savchenko on the bed, covered in blood.

According to reports, a man allegedly used a saw to kill his model girlfriend before using Google Translate to dispose of her body.

According to reports, the Ukrainian woman sustained numerous stabbing and cutting wounds, one of which nearly decapitated her from her neck to her left shoulder. Nadiya Savchenko was seen with blood covering her face, and her left hand had been severed at the wrist.

Upon arrival, police found a 2-foot-long saw stained with blood in close proximity to the victim’s body. According to investigators, the 24-year-old model is suspected to have been deceased for around 24 hours prior to her discovery. The cause of her death will be determined through an autopsy.

On Monday evening, Thai ranger officers were conducting a search for their two missing pet dogs at Rong Klua market in the Aranyaprathet region. During their search, they stumbled upon one of the puppies near a Caucasian man who was seated on a stone table.

According to Police Capt. Thavorn Boonpeng, his team was able to identify the foreigner by examining a photo that was released by immigration officials during the search for Lagoda-Filippow.

The man who was wanted by the authorities was escorted to the rangers’ camp for interrogation, but he declined to communicate with them. According to reports, his luggage was inspected and a passport belonging to Savchenko was allegedly discovered.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongpun Phonharn reported that Lagoda-Filippow was apprehended in Sa Kaeo province, located on the Cambodian border, while attempting to leave Thailand.

According to reports, Lagoda-Filippow is a Polish national and the proprietor of an advertising firm registered in London. According to Phonharn, the suspect was described as “very calm” at the time of his arrest.

As per routine, he consumed his regular cup of coffee in his cell and commenced his usual exercise regimen.According to him, there were no words spoken. According to police officials, the arrest of Lagoda-Filippow has been reported to the Polish Embassy in Bangkok.

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