Alexee Trevizo Identified As Suspect In Tossing Newborn Into Hospital Trash Can

Newly released police bodycam footage reveals that a teenager from New Mexico, Alexee Trevizo, has confessed to giving birth to a baby boy and leaving him in a trashcan where he ultimately passed away.

Nineteen-year-old Alexee Trevizo reportedly told her mother that she had put something in a bag after it had come out of her. The item was found inside a trash bag. The individual expressed regret to their mother.On January 27, Trevizo visited Artesia General Hospital due to experiencing back pain.

However, upon undergoing tests, it was discovered that she was actually in labor and pregnant. Following the incident, she proceeded to seclude herself in a hospital restroom for a considerable duration. Upon her return, a cleaner stumbled upon a bathroom that was drenched in blood. After lifting a weighty trash bag, the cleaner promptly contacted the nurses.

According to bodycam footage, a doctor donning a white lab coat informed Trevizo and her mother that “a dead baby was found in the bathroom.”According to reports, Trevizo apologized to the doctor, stating “I’m sorry, it came out of me and I didn’t know what to do…”

The individual expressed being frightened and clarified that they did not cry or exhibit any other emotional response. A distraught mother, identified as Trevizo’s, was seen holding her head in her hands as she pleaded with her daughter.

She was heard asking, “What did you do?”The mother, in a state of desperation, demanded to know what had been done to her child. However, the doctor intervened and instructed her to halt her line of questioning.

According to the speaker, the top priority is to be addressed by the group. According to the doctor, he is unsure whether the patient has delivered the placenta as she has recently given birth. According to her, the teenager is bleeding significantly and needs to be transferred to the obstetrician.’

According to the speaker, due to the circumstances surrounding the delivery of a baby and an apparent attempt to conceal the event, law enforcement intervention is necessary.

According to the source, the baby is scheduled to undergo an autopsy and an investigator will be involved in the process. According to the doctor, they continued speaking in a calm tone.

The individual expressed regret and emphasized the importance of following proper procedures while also prioritizing transparency.According to the individual, there were no tears shed and no discernible outcome was produced.

“Trevizo repeats,” said the user. In the room, a male medic posed a question to the mother and daughter, inquiring if they had any queries. In response, Trevizo’s mother asked about the size of the baby.

According to the masked medic, “It’s full term.”With an exclamation of “What!”, she indicates surprise at the revelation that her daughter was nine months pregnant prior to giving birth. In a frustrated tone, the mother asks Lexi if she has watched the news regarding the imprisonment of girls who harm their babies.

A person accused of killing a newborn has been released by the court before the trial.

Trevizo, visibly shaken and upset, broke down in tears. She was informed that detectives were en route to speak with her and that she was being held in police custody at the hospital.

The Artesia Police Department has reported that their officers, along with a crime scene processor and hospital staff, were faced with a devastating situation on a morning in January.

The department has stated that those involved have been dealing with the aftermath of the incident. Responding to the severe injury or death of a child is considered one of the most difficult calls for any first responder or public service personnel.

According to the speaker, individuals in their profession are often expected to display a certain level of toughness in challenging situations. However, the speaker suggests that this expectation is not reflective of their true nature.

Responding to routine calls of service or emergency situations is typically executed with unwavering commitment and dedication to the city. However, certain calls can prove to be a tipping point for those involved, potentially causing emotional strain.

According to the speaker, it is crucial to offer top-notch resources, counseling, and stress management tools to assist the staff in dealing with the traumatic event. This is to ensure that they can carry on with their devoted service.

According to reports, Trevizo declined to speak to investigators regarding the incident. In the recently released body camera footage, a nurse informed the responding officers that Trevizo had tested positive for pregnancy at the outset.

However, Trevizo denied having engaged in sexual activity. According to investigators, on January 27, Trevizo reportedly gave birth to a baby boy while locked in a hospital bathroom and subsequently disposed of the infant in a nearby trash can.

According to investigators, the baby was discovered deceased. In March, the cause of death was listed as a homicide according to an autopsy report. Trevizo was charged by the police on May 10 with first-degree murder, alternatively intentional abuse of a child resulting in death, and a count for tampering with evidence.

Following her release from jail, Trevizo will be able to complete the school year without any restrictions such as an ankle monitor or house arrest. She will remain free until her trial.

According to Gary C. Mitchell, an attorney for Trevizo, his client has no criminal record and should not be facing a murder charge, as reported by the Associated Press. According to him, there exist significant inconsistencies regarding the events that took place at the hospital, and he believes that this case does not fit the typical pattern of child abuse.

Representatives for Alexee Trevizo and Artesia General Hospital were contacted for comment. In recent years, New Mexico has seen a second high-profile case involving a mother and her newborn baby.

In Hobbs, New Mexico, a jury has found 19-year-old Alexis Avila guilty of throwing her newborn into an outdoor trash receptacle in January of last year.

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