Victor Masson Identified As Victim Shot Dead in Mexico

According to police, a Canadian banker named Victor Masson, aged 27, was fatally shot while vacationing with his girlfriend. The incident occurred at a well-known beach resort, following a dispute over Masson’s bar tab.

Quebec resident Victor Masson spent the entirety of Sunday at a beach in Puerto Escondido on the Pacific coast with Elva Castillo.

While Elva dined with her family, Victor remained in their hotel. According to sources, a mortgage advisor reportedly visited Michelada El Aldoquin bar alone and was involved in a dispute over an unpaid bill.

On Monday morning, a man was discovered inside a car approximately two miles away from the bar with a gunshot wound to his back. According to sources, the primary focus of this case is centered around the events that took place on that particular night.

According to an interview with Noticiero Televisa, the girlfriend of the banker, Castillo, stated that Masson had expressed concern about two men and two women he had met at a bar. According to reports, he stated, “I have no idea what’s going on,” to her.

The user instructed that if they were to send a text containing the word “danger,” the recipient should locate their whereabouts and contact the police. According to sources, Masson allegedly sent an additional message to an undisclosed recipient after being intercepted by a group while attempting to leave a bar and return to his hotel.

The individual stated, “It’s very like…” According to the individual, they are currently stuck with the other party. According to the individual, they attempted to depart but were urged to remain by others, resulting in an unusual situation.

According to Castillo, she reported a missing person after he did not arrive at the hotel. Later, she discovered that he had been murdered after several hours.

A Canadian tourist, aged 27, has been fatally shot in a town located on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

According to a spokesperson representing Masson’s family, he had been on a two-week vacation and had recently visited the relatives of Castillo.

The family is reportedly facing challenges in obtaining information from the police. According to sources, the individuals suspected of committing the crime reportedly took the wallet of the mortgage advisor, but did not take his phone or passport.

As per Masson’s LinkedIn profile, he has worked at Laurentian Bank and pursued his education at Bishop’s University in Quebec. Following a machete attack, 23-year-old Argentine national Benjamín Gammond died from his injuries. Days later, Masson passed away.

On May 12, a 23-year-old individual, who had been residing and employed in the restaurant sector in Mexico for the past two years, was dining with two companions, Santiago Lastra (22) and Macarena González (29), at a seaside eatery in Laguna de Chacahua.

During their meal, they were attacked by Cruz Martínez (21). According to reports, Gammond sustained three head injuries and was subsequently airlifted to a hospital in Mexico City. Unfortunately, he passed away on Monday.

Lastra and González have been released from a local medical facility and are currently recovering. Lastra had suffered a fractured shoulder, while González had been treated for a wounded fracture.

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