Sai Varsith Kandula Identified As Suspect in U-Haul Fatal Crash

According to sources, a 19-year-old named Sai Varsith Kandula has been identified as the individual who allegedly intentionally drove a U-Haul truck into a security barrier at the White House. Kandula has been linked to neo-Nazi beliefs.

According to US Park Police officials, a man from Chesterfield, Missouri named Kandula was responsible for crashing a box truck, which was decorated with a Nazi flag, into barriers near Lafayette Square on Monday night. The incident occurred just a few steps away from the White House.

According to the US Park Police, the individual has been charged with multiple offenses including threatening to kill, kidnap or harm a president, vice president, or family member, assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, trespassing, and destruction of federal property.

According to law enforcement sources, Kandula rented a U-Haul vehicle from Dulles International Airport in Virginia subsequent to his arrival from St. Louis.

According to reports, the individual drove the vehicle into the security barriers and then proceeded to exit the front seat. He allegedly began waving a red flag with a swastika on it before being apprehended by authorities.

Kandula reportedly informed FBI investigators of his desire to seize control of the government and assassinate the president.

The investigation is currently focused on determining whether mental health was a factor in the incident. It is currently unknown when the individual in question will make a court appearance. According to footage posted by the Insider Paper, a box truck rammed into a barrier before coming to a stop at the scene. There were no reported injuries in the crash.

According to Chris Zaboji, a 25-year-old individual, he informed reporters that he was jogging in the vicinity when he became aware of a disturbance. According to his account, the driver collided with the security barrier on at least two occasions.

He told reporters, “When the van reversed and collided with it once more, I made the decision to leave the area.”

Investigators found a backpack, duct tape, and a notebook filled with writing in addition to the Nazi flag inside the vehicle.

According to available information, Kandula’s LinkedIn profile does not display any records of their undergraduate education or employment history. However, the profile does indicate that Kandula is a graduate of Marquette High School in Chesterfield.

According to the page, the individual’s name is Sai and their career pursuit is focused on the field of data analytics. According to Kandula, they possess expertise in coding languages such as Python and Java.

According to the individual, they are presently certified in Google and IBM as a data analyst, and have successfully completed courses that have certified their skills in that particular field. As of Tuesday morning, Kandula did not have an attorney listed.

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