In loving memory of 2-year-old boy, Jason Eli, killed in NYC house fire on mother’s day

Authorities say a 2-year-old boy perished in an overnight house fire in Queens that saw flames erupt from a top-floor window.

Jason Eli was the Jamaica house fire victim, according to the NYPD. Around 11 p.m., fire personnel responded to a call regarding the 106th Avenue fire. On Sunday, there were intense fires.

Firefighters were seen on site video using a ladder to access the burning glass. According to the police, the baby was discovered on one of the upper floors. An institution declared him deceased.

Eli’s family published a picture of him getting ready for church earlier that day. According to fire investigators, the toddler shared the attic with his parents, 4-year-old sibling, and mother and father.

The fire’s origin is being looked into.

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