Alexander Carr Identified As Suspect in the Murder of Michelle Hanson

In a recent development, Alexander Carr, a 33-year-old student who had been on the run, has confessed to the murder of a woman found dead at her home.

In December, a woman named Michelle Hanson, aged 47, was discovered at her residence on Brady Street in Sunderland.

She had sustained several injuries to her neck. Sunderland resident Alexander Carr, who resides on Wilfred Street, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but has denied the charge of murder. Carr entered a guilty plea for murder as his trial was set to commence at Newcastle Crown Court.

The sentencing date for him has been set for June 16th. The last individual seen at the flat of the mother-of-three, who was discovered with suspected stab wounds, has been identified as the primary suspect. The suspect is a student at the University of Sunderland.

A manhunt has been launched across the nation to locate Carr. Authorities have offered a reward of £10,000 for any information that could lead to his arrest. In a virtual appearance from HMP Durham, Carr has confessed to the murder of Ms. Hanson, which took place between November 30th and December 4th.

According to Judge Paul Sloan KC, who serves as the recorder of Newcastle, Carr has been informed that he will receive a mandatory life sentence. However, the minimum term that he will have to serve must still be determined. The family of Ms. Hanson discovered her deceased at her residence in Pallion.

According to sources, detectives were able to recover multiple knives that were found abandoned at the crime scene. Additionally, forensic evidence was discovered which reportedly links the suspect to the incident.

According to police reports, Carr was believed to have connections in London and certain areas of the North East. Authorities also stated that he possessed survival skills and may have been concealing himself in an outdoor location.

Police have found him after 18 days on the run. He was discovered living in a tent on a railway embankment near Upper Holloway Train Station in north Islington, London. According to a spokeswoman for the force, he was found to be carrying a hunting knife.

According to Shannon Brown, the daughter of the deceased Ms. Hanson, the family was left “devastated” by her untimely death during the hunt. According to Ms. Brown, her mother was a compassionate and affectionate individual.

According to the individual, she possesses a forgiving nature and refrains from causing harm to others, even if she has been wronged. She reportedly has a tendency to see the positive qualities in people. She was known for her perseverance and determination to keep going.

Northumbria Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Graeme Barr commended the family of Ms. Hanson following Carr’s confession. According to the speaker, the individuals not only had to cope with the sorrowful demise of their mother and grandmother but also assisted in the pursuit of Carr, who was attempting to avoid being apprehended. The individual’s reprehensible behavior is indicative of a larger issue.

According to reports, Carr allegedly murdered Michelle and subsequently fled south to evade accountability, going into hiding.

According to Michelle’s family, the perpetrator’s arrogance and absence of regret have been challenging to accept. However, they are grateful that he is now incarcerated and will be serving a life sentence for his deeds.

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