Vick Zidko Identified As Victim Of Dangerous Dog Attack

In the aftermath of a vicious attack by an American Staffordshire terrier, six-year-old Vick Zidko cried out to his mother, asking if he was dying.

The brave young boy suffered injuries to his scalp as a result of the attack. Photos of Vick in the aftermath of the incident have been released.

In Doncaster, South Yorkshire, a man named Vick Zidko was attacked by his newly purchased dog while walking down the stairs at his home.

The incident occurred just two weeks after Zidko had bought the dog on Facebook. The dog reportedly bit down on Zidko’s head with its jaws. According to The Mirror, a young boy was reportedly pleading with a dog named Diesel to stop attacking him as it viciously bit and scratched his head and back.

In a harrowing incident, a young boy narrowly escaped a vicious dog attack thanks to the quick thinking of his father. The boy’s family was able to pry the dog’s mouth open after the father, Vitalijus, bravely put his arm in the dog’s jaw to protect his son.

The traumatized boy was heard crying out to his mother, asking if he was dying. After spending five days in the hospital, Vick has returned home following the reattachment of a torn-off piece of his scalp. Recently-released pictures depict his treatment and current condition.

Heartbreaking pictures have emerged of Vick receiving treatment in the hospital. Despite the ordeal, the brave primary school-age boy continued to have a smile on his face.

After undergoing five days of treatment, he has been discharged from the hospital. The doctors have removed a large bandage, leaving behind a sizable patch where they reattached his scalp. According to reports, Vick sustained deep cuts to his back and required over 50 stitches to his head and face.

The incident is currently under investigation by officers, and the police have confirmed that the dog involved in the incident was destroyed. According to Vitalijus, a forklift truck driver, the family carefully considered getting a dog and ultimately chose Diesel, who he described as “really soft” and “jumping around,” in an interview with The Mirror.

According to reports, at 7 pm last Thursday, a dog was chewing on a bone just before an attack occurred. Vick’s sister Gabriel, 18, reportedly stated that it seemed as though the dog saw Vick as a chew toy. Following the attack, a fragment of Vick’s scalp was discovered on the floor of the residence and nearly came into contact with a law enforcement officer’s foot.

According to The Mirror, Mother Eugenia, aged 41, stated that she took hold of Vick and hurried to the bedroom, where she secured the door.The individual reported attempting to pacify the agitated person.

The bleeding was stopped by the user who placed a towel on his head. Upon witnessing the sight of copious amounts of blood, the individual in question uttered the following words: “Mummy, am I dying?” The individual inquired about the well-being of his twin brother Nick and Gabriel.

According to the mother, her son is currently experiencing distressing nightmares in which he is forced to relive the traumatic incident of the dog attack. According to her statement, she recounted that he had said, “Promise me, we’ll have no more dogs in our house.”

In a recent development, it is believed that the dog walker who was fatally attacked by eight dogs in January may have been killed by her own American Bully XL. According to witnesses of the gruesome incident, a group of dogs transformed into a pack of “wolves” during their assault on 28-year-old Natasha Johnston at the Gravelly Hill beauty spot in Caterham on January 12th.

According to an inquest, the cause of death for the woman was multiple bites to the neck, one of which punctured her jugular vein. At the location of the violent incident, eight canines were confiscated by authorities.

According to police sources, it has been confirmed that the sole animal that was destroyed belonged to Ms. Johnston. According to recent reports, authorities are still detaining five dogs based on a veterinarian’s forensic report.

However, it was noted that two dachshunds that were previously seized have been returned to their owner as of last month.

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