Search Continues For Harlem River; Identified As Missing Bronx Boy After Friend Found Dead in the Harlem River

On Thursday night, the NYPD’s maritime boats and drones persisted in their search of the Harlem River for a Bronx boy who has been missing since last Friday.

According to both the authorities and his relatives, 11-year-old Alfa Barrie disappeared along with his friend, 13-year-old Garrett Warren. Warren was found dead in the Harlem River on Thursday, according to authorities.

According to the family, the body found in the Harlem River belongs to the missing boy from New York City.

The mother, overwhelmed with grief, was inconsolable upon discovering that Garrett was responsible. Lesha Sekou, the CEO and founder of the Anti-Violence Organization Street Corner Resources, described the situation as “horrible.”

Barrie and Warren were reported missing after being last seen together near the Harlem River following school.

The search for Barrie has now shifted to Barrie, and the entire community is coming together to support his family of West African immigrants as they anxiously await any updates on the boy’s well-being.

The speaker stated that confirmation is necessary and must be awaited. The individual requested that the African community, as well as others, continue to offer prayers and positive energy until further updates are available. Sekou declared, “We are not surrendering.”

The discovery of Warren’s body has raised new questions. Can you provide details on the events that resulted in the boy being submerged in the water? Last Friday evening, what were they doing? The question that stands out the most at the moment is: Where is Barrie?

On Thursday, investigators persisted in collecting witness statements and examining footage in and around the search area, in the hopes of uncovering fresh leads.

The individual declined to comment at this time. The investigation will be allowed to continue. The statement given by the user reads, “We’re still out there.” According to Ahmadou Diallo, Alfa’s uncle, they will continue their search.

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