Judo Star Albert Umbetyarov Identified As Victim Of Tragic Fire; Burnt To Death By Teammate

An 11-year-old judo star has tragically died after reportedly being burned to death by jealous teammates.

According to a report by the Daily Mail on Monday, 11-year-old judo athlete Albert Umbetyarov was tragically burned to death. The incident occurred when older children, who were reportedly envious of his success, doused him in petrol and locked him in a shed that was then set on fire.

According to Russian investigative authorities, Umbetyarov became trapped in a shed located in the woods of the Dubovaya Roschcha region of Moscow following an argument among children on Friday.

According to a witness, Albert was reportedly attacked due to jealousy as he was a successful Judo athlete who was outperforming the attacker.

According to reports, a group of girls captured an incident on video and posted it online. The attackers, who were reportedly between the ages of 13 and 15, were responsible for the act.

According to Alexey, the father of one of the victim’s friends, his son had left the scene prior to the incident. Upon returning, he discovered that Umbetyarov had been burned to death.

According to Alexander Tvanba, the coach of Umbetyarov in judo, his student is known for being intelligent, diligent, and non-confrontational, with a peaceful demeanor that wouldn’t harm even a small insect.

According to a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee, on May 19, 2023, a group of children allegedly locked a boy inside a shed during a quarrel. The shed was reportedly locked from the outside and the door was nailed shut.

A fire has broken out, with initial reports indicating that it originated from within a shed. In a recent incident, a group of children were unable to open a door and subsequently sought assistance.”The boy’s body was discovered inside the burned shed upon the arrival of assistance.

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