David Schroeder Identified As Arrested Teacher Accused of Threatening Students

In Wisconsin, a Jewish teacher named David Schroeder has been arrested for allegedly making threats towards a group of children who were drawing swastikas. According to reports, Schroeder warned the children that “all Jews have guns.”

According to a report by WISN 12, David Schroeder, a 46-year-old teacher at John Long Middle School, has been put on leave following a complaint from concerned parents.

The parents had reported to the police that the educator had allegedly bragged about possessing 17 firearms in his basement. As per the Grafton Police Department, an instructor reported to the administration last week that a swastika had been drawn in a student’s notebook.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 12, he confronted the entire class about the event while screaming and threatening to “go scorched Earth.” Prosecutors have reported that Schroeder allegedly made threatening statements towards students.

He reportedly claimed that he would send his daughter to their houses with a baseball bat and also boasted about his gun collection. He then proceeded to warn the students that he would “F-k them up.”

According to reports, a Jewish teacher was threatened by students who drew swastikas on the board. The teacher allegedly responded by saying “all Jews have guns.”

According to sources, a teacher recently addressed his students about the inappropriateness of drawing swastikas. However, the teacher reportedly made a disturbing comment, stating, “I wish pain on all of you and your families.”

According to seventh-grader Ethan Poulos, pupils were left perplexed by Schroeder’s decision to rant at everyone instead of reporting only the offending pupils who drew the hate symbol. According to Poulos, he picked up the piece of paper and proceeded to express his disapproval, stating that it was unacceptable and a dishonor to his community.

According to the individual, he initiated a conversation regarding the N-word and expressed the belief that uttering the word was more egregious than inscribing it on a surface.

According to prosecutors, Schroeder has reportedly confessed to making threats against children to middle school Principal Christine Wolff. As a result, the instructor has been placed on leave and removed from the district, which has been confirmed by Wolff.

As per the investigators, Wolff revealed that Schroeder was already being probed by the district for other instances of “concerning or inappropriate behavior towards students.”Prior to the latest occurrence, it was reported that the district had made the decision to not extend Schroeder’s contract for the upcoming year.

In a recent development, Schroeder has been charged with two serious felonies, namely making terroristic threats and exposing a minor to dangerous content. On Monday, the individual made a court appearance where a bail of $10,000 was set.

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