Brit, 44, Found Dead in Lanzarote After Enjoying His First-Ever Holiday Abroad

In Lanzarote, a holidaymaker who did not board a flight back to the UK with his friend has been discovered deceased.

While on his first-ever overseas holiday, Robert Campbell disappeared just before his scheduled flight back home. Last Thursday, a 44-year-old individual fell ill and was subsequently transported to the hospital prior to their scheduled flight. Following a medical evaluation, the individual was deemed fit to board the aircraft.

According to reports, Mr. Campbell became separated from his friend Paddy at the airport just before their flight was scheduled to depart, and could not be reached. Appeals were issued by the family of the Scot in concern for his whereabouts. Two individuals traveled to the capital of the island, Las Palmas, in search of him.

According to Margueritte Devine, the sister of the deceased, her brother was discovered deceased on Tuesday. A GoFundMe page has been established by the family to assist with the expenses of repatriating Mr. Campbell’s remains to Uddington, Scotland, as well as to cover the costs of his funeral.

According to Ms. Devine’s statement on the page, her brother passed away in Lanzarote and the family is now facing a funeral bill ranging from six to ten thousand pounds.The writer expresses a sense of urgency in their plea to bring someone home and is reaching out for assistance from the heart.

According to a report by Mail Online, friends and family of Mr. Campbell have taken to social media to pay tribute to him, referring to him as “One of the best”. According to a user who shared the GoFundMe page, they are requesting everyone to share the page and help them bring their uncle Rab home as soon as possible.

A family member and friend traveled to Lanzarote in an attempt to locate and retrieve their loved one. Regrettably, their efforts were in vain as they arrived too late. The family is now grappling with feelings of grief, devastation, and disbelief.

In a recent development, a social media user shared photos of Mr. Campbell, expressing their deep sorrow upon hearing the news of his passing. The individual mentioned that Mr. Campbell was reported missing in Lanzarote and unfortunately, his body has been discovered. A person has gone on holiday and has not returned home for the first time. R.I.P.” A user expressed their condolences by writing “R.I.P cuz.”

According to the speaker, you are one of the best. The user sent a message of love to their cousins and expressed their affection towards them. And on the GoFundMe page, Susan Harrington said: “I have been watching the progress to find this man and had hoped for the best so sad I hope you raise enough to bring your brother home.”


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