Chilean Tourist Ronald Tejeda Identified As Victim Drugged And Beaten To Death In Rio de Janeiro

Chilean tourist Ronald Tejeda, aged 29, has passed away. An engineering coworker is reportedly recuperating after being drugged, beaten, robbed, and left in a ditch in Rio de Janeiro. The incident allegedly occurred after a visit to a bar.

According to police reports, Tejeda and his companion, Andres Orellana, 29, were vacationing in Brazil for the past week. On Saturday, they went to a bar in the town of Lapa where they were later assaulted. Tejeda and Orellana were discovered lying adjacent to one another in a 16-foot deep trench on Sunday morning, according to the fire department.

They were promptly transported to Souza Aguilar Hospital. According to sources, the individual experienced a stroke as a result of a blow to the head. According to Jorge Tejeda, In a valiant effort, he and his supporters battled fiercely, but ultimately he was unable to overcome his adversary. He added, “Let justice be done and find those who are responsible.”

According to the individual, everything is difficult. According to the individual, “being there is difficult.” According to Jorge Tejeda, there is a suspicion that Ronald Tejeda and Orellana may have been drugged by individuals with whom they were sharing beers.

According to a statement given by Orellana’s friend, Patricio Rodríguez, to the news outlet 24 Horas, Orellana was taken to Pró-Cardíaco Hospital and was found to have scratches on his chest, arms, and legs, as well as fractures to his ribs and clavicle, and a punctured lung.

Well-wishers were acknowledged by Orellana through a social media post on Wednesday. However, specific details regarding the incident were not disclosed. The individual has promised to send a message later to those who are inquiring about their well-being.

According to his written statement, he will be relocating to a different hospital to undergo additional testing. The individual reported being in a stable condition and anticipates a lengthy recovery period while in Brazil. Ronald’s former housemates were advised to live each day as if it were their last.

A drug known as “Good Night, Cinderella” is reportedly being used to incapacitate individuals, leaving them susceptible to robbery, assault, and sexual assault.

Authorities in Rio de Janeiro are currently investigating an attack on tourists. At this time, it is unclear what was stolen during the incident. According to the individual, they were allegedly given a drug known as ‘Good Night, Cinderella,’ which incapacitates the victim and leaves them susceptible to theft, assault, and potentially even sexual assault.

Tejeda and Orellana reportedly hailed an Uber from a bar and were transported to the Copacabana neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. However, they have since lost communication with their family and friends. According to sources, the discovery was made by chance, as it could have taken several months to locate them otherwise. According to Rodríguez, he said.

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