David Boyd, 55, Has Been Sentenced For 1992 Murder of Nikki Allan

In Sunderland, David Boyd, aged 55, has been given a life sentence with a minimum term of 29 years for the murder of 7-year-old Nikki Allan in 1992.

In 1992, a young girl named Nikki Allan was reportedly enticed out of her Sunderland residence by a man named David Boyd. According to sources, Boyd then allegedly coerced her into an empty structure on October 7th of that year.

According to reports, a 55-year-old man, who was in a partnership with Nikki’s nanny, entered the premises and proceeded to bludgeon the young girl with a brick. The assailant then proceeded to stab the victim a total of 37 times in the heart.

In a tragic incident, a school girl named Nikki was murdered and her body was found in the basement. The perpetrator, Boyd, reportedly dragged her down to the dark basement and threw her into a corner where she was discovered the following day.

A 30-year mystery ensued following the murder of a schoolgirl, which resulted in the trial of George Heron, who was wrongly accused of the crime.

Convicted murderer Boyd has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 29 years at Newcastle Crown Court.

During the sentencing, Boyd was told by Judge Lambert that he had made the decision to kill the victim in order to silence her and prevent her from disclosing that he had either raped her or attempted to do so.

According to reports, a seven year old girl was found trapped in a cold and dark building. It was discovered that someone had entered through a window to rescue her.

The woman’s fear upon seeing you approach her in the darkness is said to be unimaginable.

According to reports, when Boyd was apprehended, he initially denied any involvement, stating “I had nothing to do with this.” However, he then proceeded to inquire about the evidence against him, asking “What evidence do you have?”

According to Sharon Henderson, the mother of Nikki, she expressed disappointment with the verdict. The verdict was reached during the early 1990s sentencing regime, where minimum sentences were typically shorter.

According to her statement, she expressed, “I would be content with life (a lifetime).”

A seven-year-old child has been identified. The question posed is when such crimes will be taken seriously.

According to the speaker, their family has repeatedly experienced injustice, leading to the current situation.

In an emotional statement, Sharon paid tribute to the victim as a “bright and shiny mommy” and acknowledged the impact of the loss.

According to her statement, she expressed that it was difficult for her to articulate her emotions upon learning about the victim’s disappearance and subsequent murder.

According to Sharon, she was accused of being a bad mother. According to the locals, their anger was directed towards me rather than the individual responsible for the woman’s death.

The speaker expressed a sense of determination to seek justice for Nikki. The individual reported having fought tirelessly and persistently for this cause.

The individual reported that the stress they experienced resulted in a decline in both their mental and physical well-being. The individual reported being separated into sections and undergoing a period of hospitalization.

Sharon expressed her disappointment in the past for not being heard. According to her, she frequently communicates with Nikki and assures her that she will persistently persevere.

The individual, who is 57 years old, has been advocating for justice for a period of more than 30 years.The individual’s life and that of their family have been permanently altered following the death of Nikki.

According to a statement made by the victim’s family, David Boyd’s actions in killing Nikki have had a devastating impact on their lives.

The family asserts that Boyd’s actions have not only ruined the life of their beloved daughter, but have also had a profound and lasting effect on their own lives, as well as the lives of their grandchildren.

In a statement to the press, Father David Allan expressed his emotions of anger and hatred regarding the brutal murder of his daughter, Nikki.

According to his statement, he expressed that he could never forgive Boyd. He also disclosed feeling overwhelmed and incapable of comprehending the events surrounding Nikki.

According to the father, he was unable to enter the building where she was discovered. Living in close proximity to him serves as a constant physical reminder, according to the individual.

The individual reflects on Nikki, who was found alone in the cold within the building on that particular night. On the night of her disappearance and subsequent death, the building was reportedly searched for by the user numerous times while driving.

Following Nikki’s passing, the individual expressed that they are unable to attend the funeral due to the emotional distress caused by the sight of her coffin.

In the trial, it was disclosed that Boyd, a serial exhibitionist, had a total of 45 convictions. Among these convictions was one for indecent assault on a child, and he had also admitted to having sexual fantasies about teenagers.

In 1999, a man was sentenced to 18 months in jail for assaulting a nine-year-old girl whom he had grabbed in a park in Teesside.

According to the latest surveillance footage presented to the jury, Nikki was seen “involuntarily jumping to her death” with a man.

According to Prosecutor Richard Wright KC, the evidence indicates that she was not abducted, but rather enticed by the killer.

At approximately 10:00 pm, a woman residing in an apartment overlooking the stock exchange building, where Nikki’s body was discovered, reported hearing a brief yet intense scream emanating from a female.

According to a second witness, who was a colleague of Nikki’s mother at a nearby fish factory, a sound was heard which was initially mistaken for a “cat’s howl” or possibly the sound of the wind.

According to the prosecutor, Boyd allegedly killed Nikki after she screamed to silence her, and there was reportedly a “sexual component” to the kidnapping.

At approximately the same time, it was evident that the young boy was nowhere to be found, prompting a search effort.

The next day, a couple discovered her purple coat and red shoe on the grounds of an abandoned building, leading to the tragic discovery of her body.

During the trial, jurors were presented with distressing footage that depicted the bloodied bricks that were utilized to assault the victim. Additionally, they were shown evidence of drag marks on the floor, which indicated that the victim was forcibly taken into the basement.

The family of Nikki shed tears as a baby mannequin, dressed in the same clothes that Nikki wore at the time of her death, was presented in court.

According to Wright, over thirty years ago on the night of October 7, 1992, a young girl named Nikki Allan was enticed out of her apartment building in Sunderland and led to the River Wear.

According to reports, the individual responsible for the abduction brought the victim to a desolate area situated behind an uninhabited structure. At the scene, it was reported that he had inflicted at least one blow on her, resulting in her death due to excessive bleeding.

According to reports, he allegedly compelled her to enter an abandoned building by pushing her through a hole in a boarded-up window. According to reports, the sole entryway to the building was utilized by the individual who appeared to possess extensive knowledge of the building’s layout and entry points. The individual was able to gain access to the building with precision and ease.

Nikki Allan was struck in the head with a brick by the man who brought her inside the building. A skull was crushed by him.

According to reports, the perpetrator proceeded to repeatedly stab the victim in the chest using a knife, piercing the same wound multiple times. The objective is to end her life by infiltrating her heart and lungs.

According to sources, Boyd, previously known as David Smith or David Bell, was familiar to Nikki’s family during the time in question. Additionally, his girlfriend served as the family’s regular nanny.

According to sources, the suspect in question is a 25-year-old individual who resided in the same apartment building as the victim, Nikki. It has been reported that the suspect was familiar with the residence where the tragic incident occurred.

Days prior to the homicide, he had taken a 12-year-old boy to the location to observe the pigeons through the identical window utilized by the perpetrator.

In 1992, Boyd allegedly exploited the police’s misdirection towards an incorrect suspect by fabricating an alibi and testifying at Heron’s trial.

Following the assumption of a new investigative team in 2017, a significant DNA test was conducted.

Investigation team reports the discovery of DNA evidence.
According to sources, the DNA discovered on Nikki’s bike shorts and T-shirt has been found to be a match with Boyd’s, with a probability of one in 28,000.

According to the suspect, when questioned by the authorities regarding the discovery, he claimed that he had expectorated from his balcony while Nikki was playing below, resulting in her clothing and skin being exposed to the substance.

In a statement following the verdict, Mr. Heron expressed his emotions, including sadness, disgust, anger, and a sense of betrayal by individuals whom he had anticipated would be truthful.

According to the speaker, “The murder of Nikki Allan” has had a devastating impact on numerous individuals, including himself. He stated, “I am just one of those people.”

The individual expressed that they could harbor resentment for being treated unjustly since the beginning, but emphasized that the focus is on exposing the genuine facts. The intention is to provide closure for the family of the other party involved, as well as their own, in order to facilitate the process of moving forward.

According to the speaker, it is important that the current officers are not held responsible for the errors that occurred in 1992/1993, as they are not to blame. According to the speaker, reopening the case must have been equally challenging for the parties involved. The speaker also believes that credit should be given to those who worked towards finding a solution to the problem.

The Chief of Police for Northumbria, Lisa Ticker, expressed gratitude towards Nikki’s family for their unwavering determination in seeking justice, during her role as the Chief Investigator for the case.

According to her statement, “The pain and suffering caused by David Boyd to numerous individuals is immeasurable.”

The investigation team worked tirelessly to find the culprit and prove that only Boyd could have killed Nikki that night.

According to the speaker, since 2017, their organization has accepted more than 1200 applications, prepared 2500 documents, and created over 5500 actions. More than 800 men were tested for DNA by the team, who traveled across the country to gather evidence and ultimately confirm Boyd’s guilt.

For the past six years, a team of professionals and witnesses have provided invaluable support in the pursuit of justice, according to the speaker. The individual expressed gratitude towards both the aforementioned group and the citizens of Sunderland.

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