DANGER ALERT: Bison on the loose in the Fort Fairfield area in northern Maine

For the second time in this year, several bison are running free in northern Maine. According to the police, six bison ran away on Saturday from a farm on Presque Isle Road in Fort Fairfield.

The owner of the bison was able to bring one of the animals back to its pasture on Monday, according to the police, but there are still five bison roaming free in the Fort Fairfield region.

On the outskirts of Fort Fairfield, the bison have been seen numerous times in a variety of agricultural areas.

Please do not approach the creatures, according to the police, as they are enormous, swift, and unpredictable.

“We will continue to assist the owner of the animals as our ability allows and will update once the situation has been resolved. We are working with state officials and the farmer so that this does not continue to happen,” the Fort Fairfield Police Department said in a statement.

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