3 Elderly Women Identified as Victims of New Mexico Shooting Rampage

According to authorities, the victims of a mass shooting in northern New Mexico were women whose ages ranged from 73 to 97 years old.

According to police, three elderly women were killed on Monday by a gunman who fired at random. The suspect has been identified as an 18-year-old man.

Gwendolyn Schofield, aged 97, her daughter Melody Ivie, aged 73, and Shirley Voita, aged 79, have been identified.

According to New Mexico authorities, the gunman discharged over 100 rounds during the shooting spree. Six individuals sustained injuries in addition to the three women who lost their lives.

According to reports, two of the victims were officers who were responding to the incident from the Farmington Police Department and New Mexico State Police. According to officials, the officers received medical treatment at a nearby hospital and have been discharged.

Three individuals have been reported dead in a shooting incident that occurred in New Mexico.

According to police, the perpetrator was in possession of three firearms, one of which was an assault-style weapon, during the violent outburst. According to authorities, one of the firearms was legally purchased after the shooter turned 18.

A senior at Farmington High School was identified as the shooter. On Tuesday, the graduation ceremony was attended by his classmates.

The community was hit by tragedy, and there was no attempt to downplay this fact. The victims were mentioned several times during the ceremony. The moment of silence was also led by the school’s principal.

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