Keiran Nelson And Tianna Charite Identified As Young Couples Found Dead In Their Apartment In Scotland

In a tragic turn of events, a young couple was discovered deceased in their apartment mere hours after one of their mothers expressed concern for their well-being.

On Tuesday, the lifeless bodies of Keiran Nelson, aged 23, and Tianna Charite, aged 22, were discovered in an apartment located in Fife, Scotland.

The authorities are presently categorizing the fatalities as inexplicable. It remains unclear whether they both perished simultaneously at present.

On Tuesday morning, Wendy Nelson, the mother of Kieran, made a plea on Facebook stating that she has not been in contact with her son since May 4th.

A concerned individual took to social media to inquire about the whereabouts of a person named Keiran. The individual expressed worry as they have not been in contact with Keiran since May 4th.

They further stated that if they do not receive any communication from Keiran today, they will have to report him as a missing person.

A cat that was reported stolen has been located through its microchip, however, the company responsible for the microchip is refusing to disclose the feline’s whereabouts to its owner.

In Fife, Scotland, a 22-year-old woman named Tianna Charite was discovered deceased in an apartment. In a recent post on Facebook, an image was shared by the user.

After receiving the news of her son’s passing yesterday, she expressed her apologies for not responding to anyone, stating that she was feeling overwhelmed by the outpouring of thoughts and condolences.

The individual expressed gratitude towards those who have sent them messages. The user reported that they are doing okay, with an added “X” at the end.

The couple was reportedly discovered by Tianna’s brother, Brandan, following concerns raised by family members who had not been able to contact them.

According to a spokesperson from Police Scotland, a report was received at approximately 12:40 pm on Tuesday, May 16th regarding a concern for an individual at a residence located in Orchardgate, Cupar.

According to reports, emergency services were called to the scene where they discovered the bodies of a 23-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman.

The deaths are being treated as unexplained, according to officials. According to sources, the next of kin have been made aware of the situation.

Police Scotland was contacted by The Mirror for comment.

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