Jonathan Hogg Identified As, 37, Dad Mauled to Death by Dog

Last night in Leigh, a tragic incident occurred where 37-year-old Jonathan Hogg was fatally attacked by a dog, believed to be an XL bully breed. The animal mauled Hogg, resulting in fatal injuries.

In a breaking news development, police were called to the Lee area of Greater Manchester last night following a violent assault on 37-year-old Jonathan Hogg, who is commonly known as Oggy.

A man was discovered with severe injuries and was transported to the hospital. Tragically, he has since succumbed to his injuries.

In a tense situation, armed police made efforts to contain a dog that posed a “significant risk” to the public. Despite their efforts, the animal was ultimately put down in a humane manner.

In breaking news, a 24-year-old male suspect has been taken into custody under suspicion of driving a dangerous dog that resulted in a fatal injury.

Jonathan, also known as Oggy among his friends, was a father to three young children.

Today, a tribute was posted on social media by his brother who expressed his shock.

According to the individual, they stated, “I cannot fathom that I am composing this message, but please relax, my dear.”

The individual stated that “heartbroken” was not an appropriate term. The individual expressed reluctance to depart from their location earlier today. The user expressed their affection towards their brother with the statement “I love you, brother.”

According to another friend, they stated, “I can’t believe what a better guy.”

The user expressed their condolences to the family of Oggy, who has passed away.

According to a witness, the third individual expressed their condolences by saying, “Rest in peace, Oggy.” According to the speaker, you possessed a heart of gold.

According to sources, the individual in question is known for their willingness to assist others in any way possible. The individual expressed their sentiment towards the departed, stating “You will be missed, big man.”

According to a witness, who is the owner of a nearby business, the attack was observed and they suspect that the dog responsible for the attack may have come from a nearby dog daycare.

According to reports, a dog walker was interacting with a canine, petting the animal and engaging in playful fighting. However, the dog suddenly turned on the walker.

According to the witness, the sergeant reportedly shouted for assistance to her boyfriend as a dog attack was underway. Despite efforts to intervene by throwing stones, the situation had already escalated beyond control.

In a matter of minutes, it occurred. A 911 call was made by the son and his wife, prompting the arrival of both police and ambulance services.

A witness to an incident, who identified herself as the girlfriend of the victim, reported that her boyfriend sustained injuries and was present during the event.

Detective Superintendent Simon Hurst from the Wigan County GMP has issued a statement regarding the incident and subsequent investigations. He began by offering his condolences to the victim’s loved ones.

According to sources, officers and partners are presently providing assistance to the loved ones of the victims amidst this extremely challenging period.

The spokesperson stated that the incident has caused concern in the area and they want to assure the public that all possible measures have been taken to safeguard the local population and affected animals.

Authorities are urging members of the public to step forward with any information they may have regarding the incident. The information provided by the public could prove to be invaluable in aiding the ongoing investigation.

According to a statement given by an individual, an unfortunate incident has occurred resulting in the death of a man. The community is committed to ensuring that such an incident does not occur again.

According to a statement, individuals who suspect that someone is harboring or raising hazardous canines can report the matter online or by dialing 101.

Following a series of dog attacks across the nation, a sense of terror has set in.

On May 11 in South Yorkshire, a six-year-old boy was mauled by an American Staffordshire Terrier, resulting in potentially life-threatening injuries.

In Aldingbourne, Chichester, a child was transported to the hospital with severe injuries following an assault that occurred yesterday.

In a tragic incident that occurred in January of this year, a four-year-old girl named Alice Stones passed away after being attacked by a dog in her backyard located in Milton Keynes.

The public is urged to contact the police at 101 with reference to log 3769, dated May 18, 2023, if they possess any information regarding the recent attack in Lee.

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