Zeda Haas Identified As Brother Of A Broncos Star Is Fighting For His Life

Nineteen-year-old Zeda Haas – In breaking news, the younger brother of Payne Haas is currently in the hospital fighting for his life following a suspected drug overdose. Tragically, one young man has already lost his life and another remains in critical condition.

In Gaven on the Gold Coast, early Sunday morning, paramedics found Zeda Haas unresponsive at his parents’ residence. It is believed that Haas consumed GHB or fantasy. The individual was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical state.

Two 19-year-old men were found to have overdosed when paramedics were quickly dispatched to a residence in the nearby Arundel area. The two individuals were transported to Gold Coast University Hospital.

One of the teens, Jeremiah Lolohea, passed away shortly after being admitted. A young man named Mr. Lolohea received an emotional tribute on Facebook from one of his relatives. She added that they were absolutely devastated and struggling to make sense of the news.

The public is being urged to exercise patience as funeral arrangements are being finalized. The details will be shared with the public as soon as they are confirmed. There is no information provided to rewrite.

“Jeremiah Lolohea” is a name and does not constitute a statement or text. Please provide more context or information to be rewritten. The individual expressed their admiration for the recipient, stating that they adore them to the heavens and back.

The user has requested for someone to keep an eye on them and provide assistance during this challenging period. As reported by The Courier Mail, on Sunday morning, several individuals were observed embracing and shedding tears at the Arundel location.

According to a spokesperson from the Queensland Police, the passing of Mr. Lolohea is not believed to be suspicious. According to a statement made by an official, the police will be generating a report for the Coroner in the wee hours of Sunday, May 14th. A man was found unconscious in an Arundel garage and was subsequently transported to Gold Coast University Hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after his arrival.’

According to sources, it is believed that the trio of young men were acquainted with one another. The Gaven property is owned by Gregor Haas and Uiatu ‘Joan’ Taufua, who are the parents of Payne Haas, an athlete for the Broncos. According to sources, there is no indication that any members of the Haas family were involved in the tragic incident.

46-year-old Taufau is currently in custody, awaiting trial for his alleged involvement in a devastating car accident that occurred in the Gold Coast Hinterland on December 30th. In a tragic incident near Bonogin, three individuals lost their lives in a car accident.

The victims have been identified as Susan Zimmer, aged 70, her partner Chris Fawcett, aged 79, and her daughter Stephanie, aged 35. The accident occurred when the black Mercedes they were traveling in collided with a silver Mercedes. The defendant faces multiple charges including three counts of manslaughter, reckless driving, evading law enforcement, driving under the influence, and driving without a valid license.

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