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Yul Edochie chastises those who accused him of impregnating a colleague and adopting her as his second wife.

Yul Edochie chastises those who accused him of impregnating a colleague and adopting her as his second wife.

Yul Edochie, an actor and politician, has produced a video criticising individuals who accused him of impregnating his colleague and accepting her as a second wife after weeks of backlash on social media.

Last month, Yul Edochie revealed that he and actress Judy Austin Muoghalu are married and have a son together.

This shocked Nigerians who sympathised with his first wife, May Yul Edochie, the mother of four of his children, and he was widely chastised.

He’s responded with a video that addresses the criticisms.

The actor stated that he is an adult who can make his own decisions about his life and that no one has the authority to pass judgement on him.

He went on to say that he could “marry a hundred women in one day” and no one would care.

“Shame on all of you,” he said to his detractors.

He went on to say that things are getting worse.

He claims that married men and women have children with persons who are not their husbands and keep it a secret. He also claimed that some priests and pastors have children and hide them, but he is being chastised for doing so.

He went on to say that he is a man of integrity because he admitted his mistake.

He also noted that Nigerians are more concerned with minor details than with matters that affect the country.

This, he claims, is why Nigerian politicians do not take citizens’ concerns seriously.

He inquired about the impact of his personal life on Nigerians and stated that he owed no one an explanation.

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He stated that the only person to whom he must justify himself is his wife, May Yul.


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