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Yomi Fabiyi denies Beating his pregnant wife,”I have never laid a hand on my partners.”

Yomi Fabiyi denies Beating his pregnant wife,”I have never laid a hand on my partners.”

Concerning their relationship, Yomi and Grace have been debating each other.

Nollywood star Yomi Fabiyi has responded to the claim that he beat his pregnant ex-girlfriend into a stupor.

According to a previous story from 9jahotvibes Entertainment News , Grace Jimoh claimed that Yomi used domestic violence against her to coerce her into giving birth in a post that was uploaded on her Instagram page. She uttered:

“When I was pregnant, you beat me to stupor, that I had to run outside, to the extent that I had force labour the second day, you are still the one that came outside to do fake video to gather your fake evidences.”

In response to the accusations, Yomi wrote in an online post that they were lies and defamatory and claimed that his ex-wife was fabricating the claims to mislead the public.

Yomi claimed he had been absent from Nigeria and had only recently been back, adding that he is too sensitive to hit his spouse.

He avoided violence up until the point when he sought to liberate himself because, according to the actor, he understood Grace was a trap. He noted:

“Guys, Best advice in 2021 and 2022. See serious lies and defamation, twisting stories to hoodwink strays. This one is playing with the wrong person.”

“Liar, I was away for 6months July 2021 to January 2022. I returned January and you birth February, so where and when was the beaten to stupor. I am too emotional to beat a partner. I know you were a TRAP and I avoided the violence till the moment I think I want to set myself free. I AM FREE NOW.”

“I have never raise a finger against any of my partners in my life and will never till I die. It is a CURSE you choose that terrible lies and you will pay. I ran to seek Police help four times and to the court twice just to save me from your incessant violence. You never mentioned such lies to the police or court nor to the criminal blogger until I exposed you. It is the usual dirty antics of few desperate and demonic women. I gave you all the best CARE and HONOUR thinking you may change.

Keep lieing and defaming me, keep playing the gender card, that is your likes background. Na woman born me, she is not sleeping in heaven too. Only those who can’t think believe your likes.”

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