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Wumi Toriola and Biodun Okeowo explain why they took a break from social media.

Wumi Toriola and Biodun Okeowo explain why they took a break from social media.

Biodun Okeowo and Wumi Toriola, both Nollywood actresses, have returned to social media after taking a hiatus.

The actresses, like many Nigerians, went public with their outrage over churchgoers being killed in Ondo State.

After alleged Fulani heardsmen attacked St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, the headquarters of Ondo State’s Owo Local Government Area, on Sunday, June 5th, many parishioners perished and several more were injured.

Wumi Toriola claimed that she was nervous and traumatised in a series of rants. The actress then said that she would be taking a break from Instagram for a while as she prayed for God to heal the land and stop the atrocities.

The actress, who has since returned to Instagram, thanked everyone for their support. She yearned for a return to the days of true patriotism among Nigerians. She expressed herself as follows:

“I sincerely wish we could return to the days when “Arise, o comrade” meant exactly what it said. What can I do in a country where everything happens so quickly? My condolences once again to the families of those who have been affected by the Owo killings; may God comfort you all… Thank you to the brands I represent for allowing me to take a vacation for my own sanity. Thank you for always keeping an eye on me, my admirers. I am grateful for your kindness…”

Biodun Okeowo aka Omoborty, for one, returned to Instagram today to thank her fans for their support while shaming haters. She expressed herself as follows:

“Good morning, sweethearts!”
Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it a lot.
For those who desire for the dust. People have various reasons for taking a break from social media for a few days.
It could be a personal matter… So why am I claiming it’s because I don’t want to talk about what happened in Owo?
Did you look through my postings and not locate it?
Please use caution when leaving comments on other people’s pages.

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Not for you trolls or haters, but it is expected of me to warn my brands and dedicated fans that I will be going offline. So please stay off my page next time.
I don’t block, I restrict, so your ridiculous remarks will only be seen by you.
Here is where love can be found. If you have something that is viole*ce, please take it somewhere else. “Not on my page, Ciao!” says the narrator.

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