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With This Your Waist Trainer, Try Breathing – #BBNaija Khloe Blast Anita Joseph

With This Your Waist Trainer, Try Breathing – #BBNaija Khloe Blast Anita Joseph

Khloe Abiri, a Big Brother Naija ‘pepper dem’ contestant, has slammed actress Anita Joseph for her anti-butt enlargement stance.

Following the tragic death of Christabel, a renowned Port Harcourt influencer, who died as a consequence of complications from a botched plastic surgery performed in Nigeria, a number of celebrities have expressed their thoughts on the topic. BBN Alexunusual, a personal friend of Khloe’s, also spoke out against cosmetic surgery. Anita Joseph, an actress, has also spoken out against undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Anita Joseph used her timeline to address women, encouraging them to stop looking for affirmation from others and to avoid being frightened by females with enormous backsides, instead loving their God-given bodies and working on their self-esteem.

“Stop looking for validation from people who don’t care about you; they won’t be there when your chops are down……”
Increase your self-confidence. Anu mpama, love yourself and be yourself.
Stop getting frightened when you encounter girls with natural Bum okwa follow come Maka Ndu gi oh ok bye.

Khloe, who is one of the few celebs who has admitted to having body work done, coloured her subtly.

Khloe was perplexed as to why Anita Joseph was wearing a waist trainer. She advised her to let her stomach breathe because everyone should be able to enjoy their natural bodies.

Khloe also stated that waist trainers should be banned in order to prevent anyone from dying as a result of them. See the following response:

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