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While Trying To Make A Change In The Movie Industry, I Got Banned – Rita Dominic Reveals

While Trying To Make A Change In The Movie Industry, I Got Banned – Rita Dominic Reveals

Rita has been out of the movie industry for a while, which is no longer news.

Rita Dominic, a veteran Nollywood actress, has disclosed the real reason for her absence from the industry.

According to the newlywed, who made the remarks during an interview with Chude Jidenowo, the terrible episode was her lowest point in life.

Rita stated that she was determined to alter things for herself. This was the reason she was expelled, and it was a traumatic experience she has never spoken about in public.

She added that they used to work with marketers who were not used to speaking with management because management communicated directly with the artists. She began working with a manager who was also her business partner in order to modify things.

Mildred was Rita’s given name, and she emphasised that she was also in charge of her own career. Things began to turn sour at this point when new challenges arose. Rita wanted them to come up with some form of framework that would aid their situation, therefore change became a point of contention.

She mentioned the following:

“We needed to start letting them know that we had management if we wanted this to go somewhere or enhance our careers.” They plainly didn’t like it, but they didn’t… To put it another way:

Without saying anything, I believe they granted me a silent ban. I used to trickle down a handful of the things they’d say, and I can comprehend them now. People dislike change, especially when they have done the same thing for a long time and it has worked for them. I haven’t worked in a long time!”

Despite this, Rita has benefited from the Nollywood ban. She went on to say that she spoke with Mildred and that she had begun creating stuff. Later on, the idea of founding a firm that would collaborate on shooting and producing commercials arose.

As she puts it:

“Mildred and I had been conversing before then. We had played with the idea of creating a firm together and filming productions and commercials because she had already started producing. So, after that (ban) had been in place for a while, I said, “You know what? Let’s get this party started and make some material.

“That’s how I got on this different path and started producing.” I wasn’t going to do the role in my first picture, ‘The Meeting,’ but we ended up doing it, and The Meeting was a huge success. As a result, the (ban) was a blessing in disguise. Because you want things, the powers that be (the cosmos) may be pushing you in a direction you don’t want.

You don’t want because you want things to go your way. However, it may allow you to attain the same goal by taking a different path.”

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