Where did you go when God was sharing breasts? – Fan Blast #BBNaija Alex unusual following her photo update

Where did you go when God was sharing breasts? – Fan asks BBNaija’s Alex following her photo update

Alex had earlier on June 1 shared controversial photos of herself which left her almost looking “breastless”, like she wasn’t created with the baby’s milk.

Besides, Alex knew what was going to happen and cautioned in her post that whoever doesn’t like her new pictures should scroll and pass

“Good morning everyone.
If you don’t have boobs, please pass😒, I’m not talking to you. Girls with big bo*bs like us don’t roll with your type. 😒,” she tweeted.

A concerned supporter and follower of former Double Wahala reality television star and ex-housemate Alexandra Sandra Amuche Asogwa better known as Alex Unusual has questioned her whereabout when God was creating other women with satisfying br**sts.

a Twitter user identified as Nighalo came asking Alex where she was when God was sharing bo*bs, adding that her mom and sister Theodora have themselves endowed with nice milks.

“Alex when God was sharing boobs, where did you go to??? Mumsy and Your sister Theodora gather for there but you??? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️,” Alex’s follower asked.

In her response, Alex jokingly said she left the queue when God was giving others big baby milk, plus her enthusiastic feelings to step on the dance floor to show-off her shaku skills.

“Nne! I left the queue without permission to go and be screaming “on a Yobo level, we see nobody “, shakulized up and down, making noise. See my life 😭,” Alex replied Nighalo.

Then, the young man came back gushing that even though the reality star was left to have little of the front side, God gave her the best part, which is a beautiful soul, and this according to the fan is why Alex is so loved.

“Lol…. God gave you the best part though “a beautiful soul” and thats why you are so loved. Happy new month mama,” Nighalo retweeted.

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