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Victoria Kolawole attacks the troll who referred to her as a “streetwalker.”

Victoria Kolawole attacks the troll who referred to her as a “streetwalker.”

Victoria Kolawole, a Nollywood actress, has slammed a troll who called her a prostitute on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram.

When the movie star took to the platform to share a gorgeous photo of herself, a fan wrote a derogatory comment on her post.

He referred to her as a prostitute who sleeps with men for money.

The troll added, “Asewo… Alias Idi dowo.”

Victoria didn’t take the remark lying down, and she retaliated by labelling the troll a scumbag.

“And this is coming from a tear condom product,” she responded.

Consider the following:

After a while, the actress lambasted another troll who made fun of her beauty.

When the actress posted stunning images of herself on social media, a troll made an unpleasant comment about her appearance.

The troll praised the actress but pointed out that her “large eyes” are a major hindrance to her beauty.

“You are stunning, but your huge eyes detract from your beauty,” a follower commented.

Victoria was not amused by the troll’s remark, and she retaliated with cursive words.

“You’re foolish,” she said, “and your stupidity doesn’t ruin your life.”

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