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Toke Makinwa allegedly Engaged And Says Goodbye To The Past 12 Years

Toke Makinwa allegedly Engaged And Says Goodbye To The Past 12 Years

Toke has made hints about being engaged, so wedding bells may be ringing soon.

Toke Makinwa, a well-known media personality, has expressed concern over her new married adventure as she prepares to walk down the aisle with her new boo.

This comes five years after her marriage to Maje Ayide ended in disaster. Although Toke Makinwa has yet to make a formal statement, there are speculations circulating online that she is engaged to a Ghanaian man named Hope.

Toke Makinwa hinted at her new love life in an Instagram post, claiming she has begun the process of bidding goodbye to her singlehood.

Toke Makinwa stated the decision was accompanied by a mixture of fear of the unknown, confusion about her decision, and excitement.

She expressed her hope that the new chapter of her life will offer her much charity and peace of mind, and that she can’t wait to share the story of her new adventure with her fans and followers. She expressed herself as follows:

“I began the process of saying goodbye to a huge part of life yesterday, 12 years of me. I felt ok at first then I had one of the worst moments after. My anxiety on 1000, sweaty palms, watery eyes, the fear of the unknown, feeling unsure of my decision, wanting to just curl up and disappear. I am excited about what is to come but why do I feel so afraid.

“I guess it kind of mirrored my life. I don’t welcome change as I should, I hold on to things cos I’m afraid I not what I might find after, I’m afraid or the me that I’ll have to learn again cos I’ve worked so hard to become who I am, I’m scared of losing me again. I share to let you know that you are not alone.

“I’m hoping that this new chapter brings me so much charity and peace of mind. Doing it afraid has always been my mantra so I’m ready. I can’t wait to share with you all and I hope you come on this journey with me. Coming soon”

Fans have been left in suspense for the time being, especially after Makinwa shared a post a few days ago in which she stated that Nigerian men’s definition of a strong woman is long-suffering, emotional abuse, and a high tolerance for accepting bad behaviour, implying that she was no longer ready to go down the love path with a Nigerian, obviously.

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