Tacha explains why men are getting smart in 2021 (video)

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Ex-Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality television star and ex-housemate Natacha Akide better known as Tacha has shared a very sound advice to young ladies about how men have gradually become smarter in 2021.

The reality star who recently took to her Snapchat page posted a video saying that she has come to notice that men are beginning to feel they’re outsmarting the women.

Tacha gave an instance where most of the men have seen the need to convince their ladies not to work so they (the men) can continue to provide for them while they (the women) sit back at home idle.

She added that any woman who would be seen on social media complaining about what a man has done to her should be blamed, because it’s all in her power to step out and work for herself rather than sit back waiting for her man to provide for her.

Tacha said, “Guys are actually getting smart, they’re actually getting smart by day. Do you understand what I’m saying?

“So, it’s like even if you have money and you want to live with any of them that can afford at least sanitary freaking pads.

“So, it’s like men are really upcoming in 2021, the energy of do you know what, I’m the man and I have to do all of the providing.

“Let me tell you. Guys are getting smart right now. You know they be like, oh! that girl, eyes onto her. Men eyes are freaking tearing in this 2021 and they’re not playing.

“So, if you’re a broke lady, don’t do that thing. Like I shouldn’t even see you on the blog complaining about how guys are. Do you understand what I’m saying, because, you have a problem you need to fix as well…”

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