Sioux County Sheriff Officer, Walter Wynia killed in tragic crash

Walter Wynia Death – Obituary: According to the Rock Valley Police Department, a fatal crash occurred in Rock Valley on Sunday morning, resulting in the death of a male resident of Boyden.

According to a release from the Rock Valley Police Department, they were called to the intersection of Fairway Drive and Golf Course Road in Rock Valley early Sunday morning for a single-vehicle accident.

Upon arriving at the scene, it was discovered by officers that a 2015 Subaru had failed to turn at an intersection and subsequently collided with a tree and a home after leaving the roadway.

According to police, the victim of the crash was identified as Walter Le Wynia, an 18-year-old resident of Boyden. According to reports, a young passenger in the vehicle sustained only minor injuries. According to police estimates, the damages amount to approximately $50,000.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing. The Rock Valley Police Department received assistance from the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office, the Rock Valley Fire Department, and The Rock Valley Ambulance.

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