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Singer Davido Talks About His Goals To Own A Media Company, Produce Documentaries, Write Children’s Books, And More.

Singer Davido Talks About His Goals To Own A Media Company, Produce Documentaries, Write Children’s Books, And More.

Award-winning musician Davido recently discussed his desire to create a media company, his desire to make documentaries, his music, his children, his cooperation with troubled rapper DaBaby, and other topics in an interview.

When asked in a Rolling Stone interview whether he only wore clothing made in Africa for his concerts and appearances, he replied:

“Normally, I be putting in a big budget — It could be thousands, hundreds, crazy on clothes. So this year I was like, ‘Yo, why are we celebrating African music and wearing western clothes? Might as well do the whole package. Let’s give people opportunities.”About the talented singer’s famous humility that has earned him a lot of love around the world, he said:

“Sometimes I might not be the happiest. You might see me on the road [and, still] I’ll try to smile, because at the end of the day, that’s my job. My job is to entertain. My music makes people happy.”About his creative process, Davido said:

“I get more creative when I’m home. Just even having [my] boys around. It was like, ‘What’s going on in town? What are the new slangs? What’s going on? I’ve been away for three months. Update me.’”

He talked about his bond with DaBaby and how the rapper received a lot of attention for his homophobic remarks.:

“I spoke to him about it too. I’ve been in situations where I’ve said the wrong things and then really understand what I said like two days later. I feel like everybody makes mistakes. I’m not approving or saying what he said was right, but I know sometimes being on stage, you might get carried away. We did speak about it.

I personally don’t (think that is reflective of his character) because I know him personally. I haven’t seen him being violent or stuff like that. Sometimes I do see it online, but exactly what I was telling you — everybody’s human and people go through stuff.”

Davido revealed his plans to create a documentary about his life before and after stardom as well as a children’s book including his kids. He stated:

“It’ll probably be a little pre, and have ’10 years later’ type stuff. Something like that. Still thinking. I want to own a big media house: shoot movies, documentaries, game shows, cooking shows, reality TV.”

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