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Rotimi Salami Responds to the Lady Who Asserted That His Wife Is Too Old

Rotimi Salami Responds to the Lady Who Asserted That His Wife Is Too Old

Rotimi Salami, a popular Nollywood actor, has responded to a troll who said his wife was too old for him.

The troll voiced her disbelief that Rotimi, as attractive as he is, would marry a ‘old’ woman.

She had written:

“This is your wife..seriously, I was expecting her to be really gorgeous and cute..this woman seems elderly o.no hard feelings tho,” she commented.

Rotimi Salami quickly responded, wishing the lady true love despite her negative ideas about other people.

clever females @divine.williams.505 I know I wouldn’t make such a remark about another woman… You stepped over the line. What is your definition of sexy and cute, by the way? After examining your images, if the answer is YOU, taaar! There are no harsh feelings. You don’t belong here. Finally, if you don’t understand that various strokes apply to different people, simply hope you find a man who will love you unconditionally and provide you with a happy household,” he added.

Mr. Salami cleared the air about his rumoured relationship with actress Allwell Ademola during an Instagram live conversation with Mr. Porsche, stating his stance on dating older women.

Rotimi said, she is his everything and he loves her so much with cogent reasons , “Allwell is my everything, I love her so much. She’s someone I can say she always got my back in the Yoruba movie sector. The first Yoruba movie I produced, she wrote the script, coordinated the shoot and also directed the movie. Also other major opportunities I got afterwards came from her. She always put me at the front of any movie producer or director. She always stands in for me, assuring them that I would deliver and thank God I don’t disappoint. As for the dating rumours, I will always tell people, believe what you want, it doesn’t matter as long as I am happy and there’s peace on my home. Honestly, I don’t really care.”

When asked his position on dating older women, the multiple award winning father of two asserted, “If I wasn’t married, maybe yes. If wasn’t married, I would have settled for an older lady because younger girls are carried away by a lot of things while older ladies are very matured as they have seen a lot in life. There are some younger ladies too who are more matured than their age. At the moment, my wife treats me like a baby and my mum too. So, I would have loved to date an older lady if I am not married. However, I can’t marry a woman older than me just for dating and nothing serious.”

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