Richard Zehm, 72, Identified As Suspected Drowning Victim Identified

Reporting from Montrose, Colorado, On Wednesday, May 10, in the late afternoon hours, Richard Zehm, a 72-year-old man from Redvale, drowned while kayaking on the Dolores River, located 6.6 miles south of Bedrock.

During a kayaking trip, Mr. Zehm and a companion encountered a rock which caused their kayak to capsize. According to reports, the friend managed to survive the incident and was able to signal for help from kayakers in the vicinity.

Mr. Zehm’s body was recovered by rescuing kayakers and brought to a nearby boat ramp where first responders were present.

According to Montrose County Sheriff Gene Lillard, the rivers are flowing at an exceptionally high speed as a result of the substantial accumulation of snowpack in the mountains. Reportedly, caution is advised when engaging in recreational activities on the rivers and streams.

According to sources, the cause of death seems to be drowning. The Montrose County Coroner’s Office of Medical Investigation and Montrose County Sheriff’s Office are currently investigating the manner of death. The Montrose County Sheriff’s Posse and Nucla-Naturita Fire and EMS were among the assisting agencies. According to sources, an autopsy has been scheduled.

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