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Portable’s Sister Discusses Their Mother’s Death, His Childhood, His Sewing Skills, And His Construction Project

Portable’s Sister Discusses Their Mother’s Death, His Childhood, His Sewing Skills, And His Construction Project

Aminat Okikiola, sister of tumultuous Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, has decoded the secrets surrounding her brother’s childhood.

Portable began displaying signs of his singing aptitude as early as childhood, according to Aminat, who owns a grocery store in Oke-Osa, Iyana Ilogbo, Ado-odo/Otta Local Government Area of Ogun State, where the singer grew up.

During his childhood, she claims, the Zazuu Crooner was courteous and obedient. Aminat explained how she enrolled him with a tailor to master the skill of tailoring, which he excelled at.

Amina stated,

Before our mother died, he began to exhibit his aptitude for singing when he was a child. He increased the tendency after our mother died, to the point that if I sent him on an errand, he would sing the entire way. If I gave him a task, he would sing the entire time. I initially mistook it for a joke or a phase. He was singing if he was sitting down. ‘What kind of thing is this?’ I wondered at one point. I eventually enrolled him in a tailoring class so he could learn how to make clothes. He was supposed to learn that trade and use it as a source of income. Surprisingly, he learned to sew, knew what he was doing, and could sew well. However, he did not.

“Of course he went to school,” Aminat stated about his education and mother’s death. Iganmode Secondary School in Ota was where he went to school. In Lagos, Iyana-Iba Primary School was located. He visited our uncle in the Obasanjo neighbourhood of Ota at one point. I’m not sure what school he went to when I was with him. He attended Iganmode Secondary School after that. My mother had passed quite shortly after that. When my mother died, I was twenty. My age has increased by ten years. I brought him into the house and raised him. As a result, I treat him like a child.”

Portable may have picked up the habit of smoking and drinking from his music career and subsequent stardom, according to Aminat, who spoke to the Nation News about his current bad habits.

“Funnily enough, I have no idea when he developed his marijuana addiction. I never smoked cannabis with the Habeeb or the Portable that I grew up with. He didn’t even smoke a cigarette or consume alcohol. As a result, I’m taken aback by the development. I could almost swear he doesn’t smoke or drink even today. “I suppose it’s part of the job and stardom,” she explained.

Aminat was also questioned about a Portable’s small shack that was being built just a few metres from her home.

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