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Pere alerts singles to a group of people to stay away from in relationships.

Pere alerts singles to a group of people to stay away from in relationships.

Pere Egbi, a well-known reality TV star in Nigeria who is most known for his work on Big Brother Naija, has taken to his social media accounts to identify the kind of people that should be avoided in relationships.

The reality TV personality implied in his most recent tweet that people should be careful about the types of individuals they associate with or form relationships with. He claims that the majority of individuals are too psychologically ill and mentally unbalanced to sustain healthy relationships.

In his submission, Pere stated that these people constantly seek to place blame on others for their own errors, rather than accepting responsibility and making changes for the enhancement of their relationships.

He concluded by stating that such calamities must to be avoided, particularly when someone refuses to acknowledge their errors because

“Be careful the type of relationships you get into. Most people are internally sick, psychologically fucked up and mentally imbalanced.

Always seeking to blame others for their own short-comings and always believe they are right.

Avoid them like plagues.”

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