Paris Mayo, 15, Identified As Suspect Accused of Killing Baby Son Stanley

Paris Mayo Identified As Suspect Accused of Killing baby son Stanley

A 15-year-old girl named Paris Mayo reportedly gave birth and then allegedly assaulted and suffocated her new born son before burying him in a garbage bag.

Paris Mayo, now 19, had taken a warm bath believing she had period cramps when she “unexpectedly” went into labor, it was stated. She gave birth to Stanley in the living room of her family’s home in Ross-on-Wye,

Herefordshire, while her mother cared for her unwell father upstairs. According to reports, Mayo is accused of assaulting the baby, resulting in a serious brain injury.

It is alleged that Mayo then suffocated the infant with cotton wool two hours later, upon realizing that the baby was still alive.

According to Worcester Crown Court, she subsequently sent a message to her elder brother, requesting him to dispose of the black bag containing vomit from the previous night, upon his departure from the house.

According to reports, jurors were informed that Mayo’s mother let out a wild scream upon peeking inside a bag and exclaimed, “There’s a baby in the bag.”

According to witnesses, upon the arrival of emergency personnel, the mother was overheard saying to her young daughter, “You could have informed me, sweetheart.”

The poor infant. “How come you didn’t tell me?” When paramedics arrived, they discovered Mayo in the house with her mother, cradling the baby, who was “wrapped in a sheet” and showed no signs of life. The youngster told jurors she had no idea she was pregnant and that the baby had “fallen out of her.”

A tragic incident has occurred where a teenage mother is accused of murdering her baby by allegedly stuffing cotton wool in the infant’s mouth.

According to reports, she hoped her mother would think the child was “rubbish” and “throw it out.”Is it my fault?” Mayo was subsequently heard saying. Did I do this?” and later, as the family drove to the hospital, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault.”

According to the court, Stanley was born full-term or almost full-term on March 23, 2019. A postmortem revealed that he suffocated after a piece of cotton wool became lodged in his esophagus. The substance had been shoved so deeply down his throat that it was discovered only at autopsy.

Mayo alleges the baby was not moving or breathing after she gave delivery, and she cleaned up “stuff” coming out of its mouth with cotton wool. Opening the murder trial today, Prosecutor Jonas Hankin KC stated, “The birth occurred in the living room of the family home where Miss Mayo lived with her parents and brother.

“In a remarkable display of bravery, a woman gave birth without any assistance while her father received dialysis upstairs and her mother supervised. The woman was completely alone during the delivery.

“Following the delivery, the defendant assaulted the baby to the upper front left and right sides of his head, causing a severe brain injury.

“When she realized the baby was still alive two hours later, she shoved cotton wool into his mouth and neck. “Before going up to bed, she placed the baby’s body in a bin bag and placed it on the front doorstep.”

A resident of Ruardean in Gloucestershire, Mayo, has denied the accusation of committing murder. The trial is still ongoing.

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