One killed, three in critical condition following two-vehicle collision on Great South Rd, Ōtahuhu;

A witness claims that only moments before contact, one of the vehicles involved in a fatal collision on a suburban Auckland route appeared to be traveling at speeds of 100 km/h.

Two cars crashed on Tahuhu’s Great South Road, killing one person and badly injuring three others.

Around 7.40 p.m. yesterday, a woman who was traveling in the opposite lane reported seeing one of the automobiles speeding in the opposite direction.

She told the Herald that the car’s speed “looked 100 km/h.” “And then I just heard a loud bang, but I didn’t see how it crashed,” the woman recalled.

Soon later, emergency services showed up. According to police, one person passed away there.

The hospital received the four injured patients.

Police said investigations into the collision were underway.

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