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Nosa Rex Reflects On His Nollywood Journey, Skit-Making, Marriage, Late Father And Challenges

Nosa Rex Reflects On His Nollywood Journey, Skit-Making, Marriage, Late Father And Challenges

Nigerian actor, Nosa Rex Okunzuwa, professionally known as Nosa Rex, and also as Baba Rex has reflected on his Nollywood journey, skit-making, marriage, late father and challenges he faced.

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Nosa also opened up about his relationship with his wife, Deborah Nosa Rex who is an Igbo Nigerian Instagram model, influencer, entrepreneur, food vendor & blogger known as Chef Nma.

The thespian made this narration while speaking with Vanguard. During their chat, he discussed his marriage, his father’s death and what he learnt from him, the ups and downs of skit making and the pressure of women around him in the entertainment industry. Talking about how shook he was about his father’s death, he said:

“I lost my father some time in February, but God decided to bring him back with the birth of my baby boy. That’s why I said my dad has come back to life. The pain of his death is still fresh in my mind. I was very close to him and he was my best friend. But I just realized that I am an orphan now. I have always been a family-oriented and serious person. I just have to double my efforts now. This is because I have so many responsibilities now, with my young ones looking up to me. I am now the decision maker in the family, I have so many people looking up and waiting for me to make the decision on how they will live their lives. It’s another phase in my life. Those things I didn’t do when my father was alive, I won’t do them now. I’m still going to be that cool, responsible and family-oriented person that I am known for.”

On lessons he learnt from his father and things he misses, Nosa Rex said:

“My father taught me a lot of things. He taught me how to be patient. In every situation, my father would always say it’s well. What I would miss most about him is the fact that my father always prayed for me any time he called me on the telephone. I studied engineering and decided to delve into acting. You need a supportive father to be able to follow your dream. I learnt a whole lot of things from him and I pray that God will help me.”

While talking about how he met his wife, Nosa Rex said that he was in an unstable relationship before he met her.

According to him, what attracted him to his wife was the fact that she believed in him from the onset. When he met her in 2013, he was not earning anything as an actor. The only thing he had to his name was the City People award, which he won in 2013 as a new actor.

He said that his wife saw the drive and passion he had for entertainment, and she knew he was going to make it someday.

She won his heart with her patience and sincerity. When he saw her sincerity, he decided to end any form of relationship he was involved in to cling to her.

He disclosed that Deborah is the only Igbo girl he has dated in his life. He once told himself that he won’t have anything to do with Igbo girls, but he eventually ended up marrying an Igbo girl.

As a skit maker who usually feature beautiful women in his skits, it may be interesting to know how having those women around him affects his marriage. While speaking on this, Nosa Rex said that his wife is a very understanding woman. He said that she is the one that recommends the kind of women he should use in his comedies. In his words:

“First and foremost, I would say that the best decision I have ever made in my life is to delve into skit making. It was the direction of the Almighty God. I have always had that funny side of me but the opportunity to unleash it never came my way until the COVID-19 lock down era in 2020. I started my career in 2010, and since then I have done a lot of movies, but 2020 was the year God decided to announce my funny side to the world. While people were indoors playing with their phones and watching movies on YouTube, I was busy

creating content with my wife and those that were around me then.To me, the journey has been smooth and great. I believe in step by step, I don’t skip the process. But switching to the comedy side was just a happy moment for me because I enjoy what I do now. I’m not forcing it, that’s why it’s not stopping. I have just carved a niche for myself . For those people that know me very well , they know that this funny side of me has always been there. I just needed the opportunity but nobody gave it to me because when producers want to give me a role in movies, they don’t put my funny side into
consideration . Babarex TV was just an opportunity to let the world see the funny side of me and now that they have seen it , every producer wants to give me a funny role in his movie. I took advantage of the corona-virus lock down to unleash my funny side to the world…

Sometimes, I wonder if there is any woman that would understand me the way my wife understands me. She was supposed to be the first problem I would have had in this journey. But she’s even the one that always recommend the ladies I should feature in my comedy series. In fact, before I put any content out there, my wife would be the first person to see that content. And she understands that this is a hustle for me. So, whenever I bring any woman close to me, she has to be in the know.”

Nosa Rex and his wife have three kids.

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