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My Music Isn’t Just For Fun; It’s To Inspire Thought – Davido

My Music Isn’t Just For Fun; It’s To Inspire Thought – Davido

David Adeleke, nicknamed Davido, a popular artist, claims that he does not only compose music that people can dance to.

The singer of “Stand Strong” claims that he writes “conscious songs” that “inspire sober reflections and deep contemplation in people who listen.”

During an interview with Apple Music’s The Dotty Show, Davido revealed this when discussing what fans may expect from his upcoming album.

“We’re bringing back original afrobeat music,” the father of three stated. It was a lot of fun to make. I’m here to make people laugh, dance, and occasionally think. The CD, in my opinion, has a little bit of everything. It’s more of a reintroduction of the original Davido. Of course, there will be a few features, but (for the most part)

I don’t think I have ever released a record like that. Funnily enough, my earlier songs, before afrobeat, were geared towards RnB and soul music

On his new song, Stand Strong, the singer also revealed that he had a terrific time working with American rapper Kanye West’s gospel group, Sunday Service Choir. “We were in Atlanta (United States of America) while he (Kanye West) was throwing release parties,” Davido explained of how the collaboration came about. After that, I met Jason (Kanye’s manager), and we proceeded to the studio, where I performed some of my songs for them. Stand Strong, it seems, was the one that ‘suited’ them the best. Following that, we flew to Los Angeles to film the video. I also joined them on stage for a handful of gigs. It was a unique experience, as well as a unique record. I don’t believe I’ve ever put out a record.

I don’t believe I’ve ever put out an album like that. Surprisingly, prior to afrobeat, my tracks were targeted toward R&B and soul music.”

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