MI Wife Dr. Calandra Green Identified As Victim In Thursday Pontiac Murder-Suicide Husband Charles Deceased Suspect

In a tragic incident that occurred on Thursday in Oakland County, Dr. Calandra Green, the lead health officer with the Oakland County Health Division and a resident of Pontiac, Michigan, has been identified as the victim of a murder-suicide.

According to reports, Charles Green, the husband of Green, is suspected to be involved in the double-murder that occurred on Thursday.

As per reports, a welfare check was conducted by family members at the residence of 50-year-old Green on Thursday, as she did not show up for work. The couple was found deceased by the police after family members contacted them.

According to Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, family members proceeded to enter the residence. After noticing something suspicious, the individuals wisely retreated and contacted emergency services. According to the authorities, they promptly reacted to the situation, entered the residence, and discovered two individuals who had passed away.

According to Bouchard, it seems that a male individual was the perpetrator and the victim is a female. However, the investigation is still in its early stages.

According to the health department, the following statement has been issued:

In a somber announcement, it has been revealed that Dr. Calandra Green, a highly respected Health Officer and valued colleague, has passed away. The news has left those who knew her heartbroken and shattered. The news is being described as devastating to the Oakland County family, with the individual expressing that words are not enough to convey the depth of their emotions.

Calandra was described as a cherished member of the team and a beacon of positivity for those who had the honor of knowing and caring for her.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the North Oakland County Health Clinics and the South Oakland County Health Clinic will be closed to the public on Friday, May 12. The reason for this closure is to provide employees with an opportunity to grieve and seek support from each other and counselors as they process the devastating news.

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