Marquis Devan McCloud Identified As Arrested Suspect In The Murder Of Anastasia Gilley

Marquis Devan McCloud, a 33-year-old Alabama man, has been charged with murder in the death of a pregnant Anastasia Gilley,19, from Jackson County, Florida, who went missing a week ago.

Detectives found the body of Anastasia Gilley, four months pregnant, early Wednesday morning near Headland, Alabama.

Shortly after the discovery, police charged Marquis McCloud, 33, with kidnapping and murdering her mother-to-be. Police said McCloud, whose violent rap sheet includes a rape conviction, had already been in custody for several days but was uncooperative during the frantic search for the alleged victim of him.

The Alabama man was being held on a probation violation before investigators hit him with the new blows after finding Gilley’s body.

Gilley’s distraught sister wrote in a Facebook post last week that a neighbor of hers had heard her screaming somewhere near her home at 10:30 p.m. on May 3. Police later found her phone, her purse, and other belongings inside her home, further stoking fears of a crime taking place.

Her sister pointed out that she also missed a doctor’s appointment and did not show up for work. In addition to the rape cases, McCloud’s criminal history includes terrorist threats, robbery, assault, and violation of sex offender laws.

Authorities said an autopsy is underway on Gilley to determine her manner of death and additional details will be available in the coming days. Detectives zeroed in on McCloud after discovering that he had been corresponding with Gilley before her disappearance.

The nature of their relationship is unclear and police did not say whether McCloud was the probable father of the baby. Gilley’s friends and family described the teen as a “savior” who stood just 4 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighed approximately 100 pounds.

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