Marion Reyes Identified As Wanted Las Vagas Woman Arrested 7 Times For DUI

In a recent development, Marion Reyes, a Las Vegas woman who was wanted by the police and had been arrested seven times for DUI, has been taken into custody once again. This comes after she left a comment on a Facebook news post that was requesting assistance in locating the fugitive.

In a recent development, Marion Reyes, aged 36, has surrendered to the police’s traffic bureau. This comes just a day after authorities issued an alert claiming that she had removed her ankle monitor. The individual vehemently denied cutting it off.

According to the individual, an officer intervened when they attempted to surrender. According to a comment made by Reyes on a News 8 story posted on Facebook about her case, she stated that she was released.

A woman from Nevada who was wanted by the authorities has been arrested. The arrest came after she commented on a news post about her case on Facebook.

According to the Las Vegas Traffic Bureau, they responded with a comment asking, “Then why not turn yourself in now?” The individual stated that they would like to resolve the matter by tonight. According to police,

Reyes seemed to have followed the advice and conversed with an intervention officer on Thursday night before surrendering herself the following day. Last week, Reyes was sentenced by a judge to spend two days in jail for missing a court date in a felony DUI program, as reported by News 8.

As per court documents, Reyes has had three DUI charges recently, but they were reduced to one as part of a plea agreement after her seventh DUI conviction since 2007 in October.As reported by News 8, Reyes has been ordered to serve a minimum of six months under house arrest and to equip her vehicle with a device that will prevent her from operating it while under the influence.

As per the plea agreement, the individual in question will be incarcerated if she is found guilty of another DUI offense.

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