Kyra Dulguime Identified As Victim Killed In Sydney Tram Accident

The victim of a tragic incident in Sydney has been identified as 16-year-old Kyra Dulguime. The young girl was dragged under a tram for over 200 meters, ultimately resulting in her death. Friends of Kyra have expressed their grief and paid tribute to their “beautiful angel.”

In a tragic incident, Kyra Dulguime passed away after falling into a gap between two light rail carriages on the George Street platform in the central business district of the city.

The incident occurred at midnight on Wednesday night. In a tragic incident, emergency crews made a valiant effort to save a 16-year-old who had sustained severe injuries. Despite their best efforts over a two-hour period, the victim ultimately succumbed to her injuries and passed away on the scene.

On Thursday, messages and flowers were placed near the site of the teen’s death by her devastated friends. In a touching display of emotion, the individuals were observed embracing and lighting candles in honor of Kyra as onlookers passed by.

According to a Facebook post, the sender expressed their love and fond farewell to Kyra Dulguime, whom they referred to as a beautiful angel. The individual expressed disbelief at the departure of the person in question.

The user expressed their condolences with the phrase, “Rest in peace in the arms of our Lord and may perpetual light shine on you.”

According to witnesses who spoke to Daily Mail Australia, a girl attempted to cross the tracks between two carriages while the tram was stopped at a red light near the light rail stop in Chinatown.

A woman was pinned under one of the carriages of a tram that suddenly began to move. She was swept across the road before the driver could stop.

At the TSG tobacco station near the Chinatown stop, Mohammed Aqil Abdulla, 29, was on duty during the night shift when he heard distressing screams. According to the Daily Mail Australia, he reported that the tram had pulled her from the traffic lights to the next platform, which was approximately 200 meters away.

A woman found herself trapped between the compartments. According to Abdulla, the girl allegedly attempted to move between the tram carriages while the vehicle was stationary at a traffic signal.

According to him, she had intended to leap from the opposite end, but was unexpectedly stranded in the middle when the traffic signal altered. It is likely that the driver did not see her. According to witnesses, there were shouts of “Help her!” at the scene. The plea was made to assist a person in need.

According to reports, police and paramedics responded to the scene, but the individual in question was pronounced dead on arrival. According to the trader, the individual in question was a 16-year-old. The individual expresses sympathy towards the family of the person in question, who is reportedly feeling very down.

There is no information provided to rewrite into a reporter-style text. Please provide more context or details. A tragic incident occurred in Sydney involving a fatal tram accident.

According to distraught witnesses, a girl was in the company of a friend when she was hit. Passengers on the tram reportedly attempted to assist her. Distraught passengers were seen being comforted and escorted away by emergency services, as shown in footage from the scene.

According to NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendent Adam Dewberry, the firefighters who arrived at the scene were faced with a challenging and sorrowful situation. Upon arrival, the victim was found trapped under a light rail car and was being evaluated and treated by paramedics on the scene.

He told reporters that unfortunately, nothing could be done. Under the direction of tram engineers, fire and police rescue teams utilized hydraulic lifting cylinders and high-pressure airbags to lift a 10-tonne carriage and extract the body of a 16-year-old.

According to Superintendent Dewberry, he was unable to provide any information regarding the circumstances that led to the teenager being trapped under the tram, as the police investigation was still ongoing.

A 52-year-old tram driver was transported to the hospital for mandatory tests. The police have cordoned off the surrounding area in order to establish a crime scene and investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. The team has been removed from the scene as the police investigation into the tragedy continues.

In a timely manner for the morning rush hour, light rail services between Central and Circular Quay recommenced at approximately 6:30 am on Thursday. According to Transport for NSW Secretary Howard Collins, the death of a teenage girl at a central Sydney light rail stop overnight has left everyone at the organization saddened.

The reporter conveys that the speaker offers their sincerest sympathies to the family, friends, and loved ones of the deceased. Last night, the individuals who provided assistance, including emergency services and staff, are being thanked for their efforts. The staff will also be given the necessary support.

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