Kle Swee Identified As Suspect Killer Of Junior Hockey Coach Michael Brasel In Minnesota

Seventeen-year-old Kle Swee is the suspect in question. In breaking news, it has been disclosed that the individual charged with the murder of a junior hockey coach in Minnesota is reportedly the same teenager captured in a dramatic robbery video from last year.

St. Paul police have charged Kle Swee with first-degree aggravated robbery after a video surfaced of him waving a gun at a student. In a video captured, the individual was observed waving a firearm before making an attempt to take hold of the minor’s mobile device.

According to reports, a scuffle broke out and was captured on video by a fellow student. At the time, Swee was 16 years old and the victim was 15 years old. According to reports, law enforcement officials initially had doubts about the authenticity of the firearm, but eventually determined that it was a BB gun.

As a result, the individual in question, Swee, entered a guilty plea in August and was subsequently placed under supervised probation. After completing 100 hours of community service, Swee was released in January.

However, he was recently apprehended on Wednesday at his family’s residence for the murder of Michael Brasel. Brasel, who was 44 years old, was shot and killed on May 6th. A prominent St. Paul personality, Brasel, met his untimely demise while confronting an individual who was trying to break into his spouse’s vehicle parked outside their charming St. Anthony Park residence.

According to reports, as the hockey coach departed from his residence, law enforcement officials were informed that one of his two sons, who are currently enrolled in the eighth and fifth grades respectively, overheard his father inquire, “What are you doing?” As per the murder charges filed on Friday, a series of gunshots were fired, resulting in Brasel being left injured and immobile in the front yard of the family’s residence.

According to witnesses, a black Honda with tinted windows and a loud exhaust was seen leaving the scene, heading west. Hilary was reportedly seen frantically attempting to revive her husband as the car’s tires squealed. Paramedics took Brasel to the hospital. As per official documents, a minor hockey coach has been reported dead after succumbing to multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by an unidentified assailant.

Following the fatal shooting, residents are in a state of shock. A vigil was held at Langford Park in St. Anthony Park, where hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to the victim and the legacy he left behind. In the aftermath of the early-morning shooting, Hilary Brasel took to Facebook to pay tribute to her deceased loved one, Michael, whom she described as someone who had a great passion for coaching hockey.

She made the post after it was revealed that her fifth-grade son, Miles, was among the many individuals who called 911 to report the incident. According to her, he found great pleasure in the camaraderie that hockey families build during the 6-8 months of the year that they spend playing together in Minnesota.

She also revealed that he had recently served as a coach for the Area Youth Hockey club located in the nearby town of Roseville. The individual took time to ensure that the young ones had their skates properly strapped, helmets securely fastened, and comprehended the importance of their personal contributions towards the team’s triumph.

Michael Brasel was shot and killed, and a teenager has been charged in connection with the incident.
According to sources, after every game, the teams led by the individual in question never departed the locker room without identifying a specific goal to strive towards or acknowledging an area in need of improvement.

Teams that were coached by Brasel over the years have published photos of him on the ice, with parents and players paying tribute to their beloved coach. Hillary expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support from friends, family, neighbors, and the community during the gathering of hundreds in grief on Friday. In addition to being a coach, Brasel also worked as a carpenter.

According to St. Paul police, a SWAT team conducted a search warrant at a property where the 17-year-old suspect was residing, just four days after the murder of Brasel. This statement was made 48 hours prior.

Based on arrest records, a search was conducted by authorities following the collection of witness statements, surveillance footage, and phone records. Additionally, law enforcement officers were able to make headway in the investigation by matching a license plate still attached to a car bumper left at the scene.

According to officers, during a raid around midday on Wednesday, Swee tried to escape by crawling through a window. However, he was quickly caught and charged with second-degree murder. Swee, who stands accused of two counts of aiding and abetting the murder, may face trial as an adult due to the severity and type of his previous criminal activities.

One of the charges alleges that the murder was committed intentionally but not premeditated, while the other asserts that it occurred during the commission of an aggravated robbery without intent. In a court hearing on Friday, Ramsey County prosecutors disclosed the suspect’s previous criminal record, while the suspect remained in custody at the county’s juvenile detention center.

According to documents, Swee was found to have entered a garage connected to a house that was occupied in Albert Lea, Minnesota, with the intention of stealing a car. This incident occurred the year prior to Swee’s expulsion from high school in April 2022.

According to assistant Ramsey County attorney Madelyn Adams, during the court hearing on Friday, the individual in question was charged with burglary due to his recent involvement in an incident where he was shot in his front garden.

According to officials, on May 6 at approximately 7 a.m., law enforcement arrived at the scene where they found the door of the family’s Ford Flex to be ajar and showing signs of being rummaged through. This led authorities to believe that Brasel, who was known to wake up early, was killed while trying to prevent Swee from stealing the vehicle. Relatives of Brasel confirmed this information.

According to Adams, Swee’s criminal history indicates a disregard for the personal boundaries of his victims. Adams contends that despite Swee’s age, he should remain in custody. According to reports, the mother of the boy who was present at the time, consented to the manipulation.

According to Karla Valusek Strom, an attorney hired by her son, there is no debate over custody, as she informed attendees. According to Judge Sophia Vuelo, Swee posed a risk to the public given his background and the evidence against him. The charges against him also demonstrate a flagrant disregard for human life.

The county attorney’s office has filed a motion to have Swee certified as an adult to stand trial. If convicted of the May 6 murder, Swee could face life in prison. According to officers, they found that the bumper which had the license plate that directed them to Swee’s residence was registered under the suspect’s father.

Additionally, they observed that a Honda parked in the garage, which matched the descriptions provided by witnesses and the CCTV footage obtained from the location, was lacking the same bumper. According to St. Paul Police Department’s spokeswoman, Alyssa Arcand, investigators are currently exploring all possible leads and have not ruled out the involvement of other suspects.

This statement was made on Sunday in response to inquiries about the ongoing investigation. Swee remains incarcerated without bail and has not provided a statement to law enforcement officials. A date for the court hearing has not been scheduled yet.

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