Keywords Studios Chairman Ross Grahams Has Passed Away At 75

Keywords Studios’ chairman, Ross Graham, has passed away at the age of 75. His death occurred just a few weeks prior to his planned resignation.

After serving as chairman since the company’s IPO on the London Stock Exchange a decade ago, Graham was set to depart from the Dublin-based video gaming services company following its annual general meeting on May 26th.

Under his leadership, the company experienced significant growth, expanding from three studios and approximately 120 full-time employees to over 70 studios across 26 countries. The company’s market value also increased to more than £1.8 billion.

The surge in video game demand across the globe, which has been further amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, has been a major driving force behind the growth. Additionally, the company has made several acquisitions, including Wicked Workshop, Hardsuit Labs, and Forgotten Empires.

According to sources, Graham had previously held top positions at semiconductor maker Wolfson Microelectronics before its acquisition by Cirrus Logic. Additionally, he was the chairman of technology group Arithmetica.

The individual in question started his professional journey as a chartered accountant at Arthur Young, which was a precursor to Ernst & Young. Over time, he worked his way up to become a partner at the firm. After his time at the Daily Mirror, Graham went on to work as a director for software company Misys for almost ten years.

He also held a director position at Psion, a company credited with inventing the first-ever handheld computer. Former Experian CEO Don Robert has been appointed chairman with immediate effect, following his sudden and unexpected death, as characterized by Keywords.

According to Bertrand Bodson, the CEO of Keywords, Ross has had a significant impact on the group, and they were eagerly anticipating the opportunity to acknowledge and honor his contributions during his upcoming retirement in two weeks.

During the user’s initial year and a half in their position, Ross played a significant role in providing guidance and information. The user expresses their regret at no longer having access to Ross’s valuable advice. On behalf of everyone at Keywords, we express our sincere condolences to all of his family and friends.

In 1998, Giorgio Guastalla and Teresa Luppino founded Keywords, a company that initially offered translation services to providers of business software. It has been reported that a majority of the world’s leading video game companies, such as Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, and the Chinese conglomerate Tencent, have adopted the technological services provided by a certain company.

Reportedly, game localization professionals are responsible for a wide range of tasks, such as translating in-game text, creating artwork, proofreading, composing music scores, conducting player research, and even developing entire games for producers.

The company has never developed a game under its own name, but has contributed to the success of various popular brands such as Guitar Hero, Pro Evolution Soccer, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed.

According to Keywords, there was a significant rise in turnover and profits last year, with an increase of more than a third. This was due to a surge in demand for complex games and a continued trend towards external service offerings. Keywords Studios’ shares rose by 0.3% to £23.46 on Monday afternoon. However, the shares have experienced a decline of around 15% since the beginning of this year.

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