Johnes Ochengo Identified As Man Found Dead In Migori County, Probe Underway

A 29-year-old man has been found dead in Kuria West, Migori County, prompting police to launch an investigation into the matter.

According to police commander Cleti Kimaiyo, a body was discovered in a rented house located in Mabera, Bugumbe West.

Johnes Ochengo has been identified as the deceased. According to Kimaiyo, there were bruises on the hands and legs.

According to reports, the police have reason to believe that the individual who was reported deceased by his widow, Faith Kerubo, may have been the victim of a homicide.

According to the police, upon her arrival from a burial in Nyamache, Kisii County, she discovered that the door was locked.

In a suspicious turn of events, the woman directed her son to enter the house through a window.

In a tragic discovery, the body of a man was found in his bedroom. Following the discovery of the deceased individual, the family promptly contacted the authorities, who subsequently transported the body to the Akidiva Mindira hospital mortuary.

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